Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Mixed-race Mouse?

Today, I was surprised to see a couple of videos show up in my feed. Here was one I watched all the way through:

Can I say outrightly, what happened? What happened to acceptance, because it is genuinely absent from BOTH Liberal and GOP agenda.
By acceptance, I mean those of us who grew up in America and had one US Military veteran parent and one other foreign or immigrant parent. I've just spent 6years of my life unpacking literal torture and violations of nearly all of my human rights by US State Actors all the way to the DOJ.

When I look at US Politics, it's missing a wide spectrum of individuals, who are the actual biological descendants and offspring of Loving Day marriages. You know it was a civil rights breakthrough for the USA to allow and maybe condone mixed-race marriages.

But in US politics, there is noone like this in office-- except maybe former POTUS Obama himself. And due to the powers that be, there is a huge "class separation" that put many of us mixed-race 1st generation adults, at the "bottom of the pile" of minorities in the USA when the Patriot act was passed with many other acts. By bottom of the pile, I mean we are fighting for our individual rights in a sea of white supremacy vs. Transgender acceptance.
And there is no space for my values in today's America. There are 2 sides, and neither side has space or a place for me to live and have a family of my own. 
But it is too late for that.
And maybe for some mixed-race 1st generation Americans they accept their place in the USA. But for me, I've had the grueling reality of Loving Day ruling was another CIA operation to deploy on America's old enemies.

And so I've lost all faith in whatever America was is and had the potential to be become. It seems seemless that minorities are forced to play roles they never intended to or want to play. And the choices are not based on freedom. The choices are based on heirarchical necessity and a redtape form of volunteerism that equates to slave labor.

It's a bad place the USA. And noone has made significant improvements during the past 25years of my voting life  

Right now, my vegan and animal and environmental activism at New York State's largest private college is about the only thing I see having made ANY improvement in the past 30years of America. And even that was an unpaid position. America the atrocious.