Monday, April 04, 2022

Meeting yesterday

Yesterday, I attended an online meeting that I haven't been to since late fall of 2021.
The main reason was to help another ti who was struggling with a new zapper device that had blurry instruction photos and very badly written instructions.

After a slurry of texts and dms and email, I got the link to the meeting and forwarded it on. The online meeting known as TI Talk is run by a long-term UK activist.

Surprisingly, as I listened only planning to talk a little about the coil style zapper:- 
One newer TI speaking was from my home state of Pennsylvania. And lo and behold also only about 11miles away. Though their targeting is slightly different than what I experienced over my life in Bucks County, PA.

The stories went on and all I could do was share and confirm the police involvement in supporting and covering up criminals. And to the extent of rattling off dozens of crimes including: vehicular car tampering and running off the road, abductions, to other forms of torture that they coverup by refusing to take reports or go to the crime scene or vehicle. And that I responded to the UN about psychological torture and was retaliated on by the Bucks County, PA officials and other people and participating businesses.

And so I ran down some of year #46 for me and sharing that I had been sick and gotten confirmation early 2022 that I have Hepatitis B antibodies. So, I followed through on doing research as to how, since I knew the specifics of my work conditions in 2021, customers and a coworker.
And I found Arbutus BioPharma in my local Bucks County, PA area search results was looking to cure Hepatitis B. And after more digging found the Bucks County Bio-Tech charitable non profit for research having supported Arbutus BioPharma, a Canadian based company. The B.C. based company Arbutus BioPharma is also in litigation with Pfizer over royalties for the RNA delivery method in some of the Pandemic shots. 

I also mentioned the lockdown time when I was driving through town and saw a moving truck with stacks of silver cases being moved into a house that still had a for sale sign on it, near an elementary school. It looked like a milabs operation about to go down about a half hour before lockdown curfew. 

In any case, of course after I listened to other stories and findings; - the discussion about the zapper came up. And MWO was discussed. I was able to ask a former US Navy tech about 3D synthetic dreams. And had an reasonable answer for my question on how to block the disturbing video clips that have been ongoing throughout my life:- but that picked up pace in the past 2 weeks.