Wednesday, April 13, 2022

literally, an antennae

The old saying-- artists are the antennas o society --is literal for me today.
After 6 years of documenting the torture I endured from the USA government and Bucks County, PA and Pennsylvania and DeepState... I literally realize that my prior aural disability, and other instances of  physical debilitation are connected to this existence as a non-consensual "antennae", RF experiment and DNA experiment by the USA defense and bio-warfare researchers.

I literally am piecing together and accepting that this was an industry manipulation of my physical and spiritual body. And violations of any and nearly all documented human and civil rights by the USA. It is overwhelming. 
And I have dozens of pieces that need to be put all together. And it is more a matter of my soul overcoming this gross violation of my entire life. Rather than some path of justice and vengeful action at this point.