Friday, April 22, 2022


What would you say, if I told you 
We can get tracking "implants" from blisters made by uncomfortable shoes?

That is aside from the hundreds of other methods being used to put RF bandwidth signals receptive nano-tech in human and animal bodies. Visit NASA engineer's Richard Lighthouse's video o several RF implants moving in his leg at

Pic. Of my foot. Could this 4-5cm line and square looking formation on my instep be evidence of an old implant? It feels about as good n as collapsed arches and Achilles tendonitis after a low volt electrical current goes through it. But, it also isn't a fibrous mass and disappears when I move my foot around. Maybe it was some old plantar fibroma that went unnoticed for a decade and went away. Who knows?

See a foot video by Richard Lighthouse of

The search for proving implants and non-consensual human testing continues.  Share your story with others.  
What they did to us, isn't pretty.

The other suspect issue is transhuman fibrin growth that is studied repeatedly in animal tests. So even if this old mark is the result of nano-tech and biotoxins that travelled and remained in my foot and caused some plantar fibrosis (see I will forever be grateful to the person who saved my life.