Tuesday, April 19, 2022

God's creatures

Humans, the way most humans live today is barely evolved. Game theories are played out as a focus that hardly separates humans with higher consciousness from animals.
Even more destructive than any creature or plague is collateral damages caused by human game theory.

The concepts of "God" and humanity are hardly separated from animal behaviors.
And it seems this exploitation of vulnerabilities has rotted the very core of the planet. Rather than focusing on collective positivity and separating from animal interaction, mankind is no better as a species than any of God's creatures. There is little peace and unity. And during these times of human war God's creatures show more heart, compassion, and innocence towards each other. 
And through their actions, God is present.

Humans, have only admired the control of destructive capabilities- Acquisition, capture, torture. There were many other possibilities that have vanished.