Thursday, April 14, 2022

Farmhouse floor cleaning

What does a vegan do to house clean?
Especially dirty farmhouse floors? Or old nom-vegan ovens.
Some of the easiest natural cleanups are made with a mix of white Vinegar and baking soda, Castile soap and hot water help with a mop.

 Essential oils like thyme, lavender, tea tree oil, oregano, cinnamon, and mint or wintergreen can add to clearing the area of spider and mouse traffic. These creatures are well aware of gardening EO tactics, so changing up what is diffused or added to a rinse bucket.  But noone wants their home to smell like a sanitized Philadelphia train station. So change up once in a while.

Disclaimer: Deep cleaning for ultra dirty grime-- the following instructions are for heavily soiled carpets that have reached the end of their life.

Very warm to Hot water in carpet cleaning tanks helps to loosen dirt in carpet fibers. It also helps to emulsify any esse tial oils added.

And after a couple initial passes, rinsing once with some Cruelty-free  bleach alternatives mixed in the rinse bucket. 

Cleaning ground in dirt from outside takes time and water. Estimate About 1gallon of warm or hot water per square foot. And to take your time to let the enzymes, detergent, and bleach alternative work in for 30-40seconds before suctioning it out of the carpet. It is a slow process, 1.5-2hours for 6-10square feet of heavily matted medium to high pile plush carpet.  But it can rewind the carpet back to "I think I need to start saving for a new carpet" look of a clean yet matted and maybe slightly discolored. Especially if the house is no longer in pristine "entertaining guests mode" and exited to "survivalist earthy"  mode. 
Steps are the worst. And it gets worse if you have beautiful wood floors waiting to be refinished under the dirty mess on top of it. The more water used can cause water damage below wood floors. So it's really important to take the time to suction all moisture possible out of the carpet and the spongey foam under it. And add fans to help dry it out for at least 36-48hours.

Some carpets are already discolored (ie., Silvery Gray dining room carpet to orange from spot cleaner is unsightly) from "heavy duty spot cleaners for pet messes" 
If the carpet is really pet and shoe dirty;- doing a final rinse with colorfast bleach oxygen alternative can help make the next light or normal cleaning  improve your deep cleaning.  There are no sponsored products here and only a scoop is needed for a gallon pass.

 If it's hardcore dirt and discoloration is no concern- using 1/4cup of  straight liquid Hydrogen peroxide $0.99-$2.50/ pint  can also up it and get rid of some parasites and germs. The carpet may brighten up more the next time you do a normal cleaning. 

Deep cleaning takes time and patience-- it's an "easy" job otherwise. So wear protective ear wear. 

Low pile carpets may seem cleaner than higher pile carpets until you start cleaning them. The dark brown water probably won't run near soapy clear till the second cleaning day.

Just remember nearly every single  chemical in the USA has a history of being tested on lab animals.