Friday, April 15, 2022

Excerpt about nano-tech cRNA

Writing about experiences with nano-tech that is invisible to the naked eye is truly difficult. It's an awkward thing to explain how one's body perceives the shape and movement of technologies that can transmit Data. Of course people and doctors will call a person insane. Yet these experiences are thought to be very similar to feeling parasites move in the human body. And sometimes more intense and focused because of the use of microwaves, #5g, and other ionic interactions. 
But the problem exists that microwave technologies simultaneously cause nano-scale brain damage. What would you say if you read the below "experience" about lethargic mice in a house dying for no apparent reason-- and then read the edit (also below).

The newborn field mice walk slowly in the house and one older mouse died last week. Seemed like 2 stillborn mice in her stomach maybe.  A invisible nano thread felt like it touched my lip like an invisible worm. Impossible! To feel and perceive the shape of such a thing unseen.


The newborn mice walk slowly and do not scurry. An older walking mouse died last week. 2 still baby mice in her stomach, no blood, calm and walked up my arm.  A nano thread felt like it touched my lip like an invisible worm. Impossible! To perceive the shape of such a thing.

This is one abstract experience. Yet many victims who have suffered from Bio-tech  or nano tech experiments or accidents have been institutionalized for more outrageous descriptions of their experiences.  Especially to practitioners who are only focused in their immediate environment, police, EMS, nurses aides. All of whom are quick to commit people for descriptions of seeing tiny lights - that could be attributed to fiberoptics, brain damage, phosphorescence in hybrid nano tech.

What are we to do today with the vast coverage nanotech has?