Thursday, April 21, 2022

EU prayer only acknowledged by UN

As a minority, Spiritually I was healthier around other HAPA and API temples and spiritual dojo life.
And in this unfriendly USA, only European traditions of religion and prayer were awarded peace poles from the UN.
It's a continuation of "white supremacy" of sorts. And today, I'm removing the Bruno Groening pictures from their prior places in my life. The photos are considered to be amulets of sorts that tune/tap into the energy from the mystic. 

I still wonder if there's a huge coverup of Asian quantum Buddhist tradition in the European circles. I know from my other spiritual endeavors that many spiritual cord connections go back to my Shamanic Indigenous Asian ancestry from the Kurils and Sakhalin in Siberia. I'm a HAPA in modern terms, but my ancestry has 3000+years of documentation from trading horses, fish, weapons from ancient China to Japan. So I am Hapa, it's a Hawaiian word that I gained some comfort using while I lived in Hawaii. The newer term for Japanese outside of Japan (predominantly in the EU, USA, Canada) is Halvsie. There simply hasn't been an appropriate language for us, despite the acceptance of mixed-race Asian marriages.
And there is a remaining imbalance for our multiple perspectives and actual ways of interacting that USA intelligence has manipulated as a form of psychological torture.