Thursday, April 21, 2022

Entrainment too strong

3PM, I woke up near 3PM. 
And there was a tone very loud, like a tuning fork sound when I turned my head from side to side. So I shook my head like a rapid "no' head shake, and the tone was clearer, stronger. I continued with head shaking and I heard words -- all rapper.It started with the rapper's voice chanting the last Chant post I made. No more mRNA, No more CRNA no more polymerase...
And it evolved into a Twitter post I made a out everyone having the same baby. The microwaves we're asking me if I meant clones growing inside of people. Or if they meant MRNA changing people and eradicating the need for plastic surgery all together. People actually want preferred traits of movie stars, so it makes sense to allow people to breed babies for the next generation of Americans with these "most desirable" industry genetics in mRNA shots.

And with the microwave like tone and more "no halead shaking"  another rap started about Minaj 
And -- order Minaj's booty from a new MRNA catalog. You can be like the stars, put your family behind bars. mRNA mRNA here's the new catalog.

As I tried to move away from the sport where I was hit;- several loud microwave "skull popping" sounds eminated from the top of my head. I moved my hands quickly to cover the top of my head, but it did not help. -- the way the sounds work is that they beam microwave or radar or #5g/ satellielte signals at the targets head.
From the top is usually satellite -.USAF AND US Space Force.
From the sides is usually cell or microwave tower, sometimes police radar. - microwave magnetron boxes may be installed on towers illegally, or someone has hijacked the Nokia Microwave Emergency systems many states use. Nokia is a common system. 

Essentially, the signal locks onto the skull of the person and sends a beam and the sound is heard through bone conduction. Consciously or unconsciously the words are heard through the reverb from brain fluids into the skull. It's a similar principle to the Sonic attacks in Cuba, but has different uses and real registered patents.
Many people have compiled lists of hundreds of viable patents as cyber methods that are subliminals,  dream training, instructions, EMS tracking, and other hypnosis devices.

Finally, I was able to break the signal stream directed at my head. And I felt nauseated. A normal symptom of radiation exposure. (microwave, radar, LRAD, etc.) The portable 'microwaves" are usually radar signals that behave like Microwaves. But, it's coding for sound stupid and let the engineers remind everyone that microwaves are not portable.

I fell back asleep inadvertently. I woke with my head hanging over the recliner arm just under the table next to it. Near 11PM. 
I slept away Wednesday. Moved initial post from subdomain. Was posted accidentally.