Friday, April 22, 2022

Electromagnetic heating & RF of rooms

1. Large antennae that was in the yard was put on the roof. 
• The story behind the antennae is that someone took out home equity to sell these to everyone. This happened while I was living in Hawaii.
• The antennae blew a transformer the same time I had a very bad cognitive radio or live monitor style attack. It was noticeable due to the occurrence near the Thanksgiving holiday football game in 2021. 
• This antennae seems to be linked to the opening of my sunroof window, and other odd electrical occurances. It may be art of an array system.

Possible part of an antennae array and/or the device may be modified inside:- The 120w Garage space heater is outside the door of 2 sleeping areas. I believe my father a veteran  USAF tech has it set up to amplify the cognitive radio. When attacks are more intense at the house;- this heater is plugged in yet not used to hear the area. It is simply plugged in to power source.
• yesterday, I was attacked with synthetic dreams, a constant tone, and rap pertaining to my tweets the day before. The attack was severe, and I initially attributed it to my phone being left outside microwave sheilding while I slept. However early this morning I heard an animal in agony in the garage. So I went in the garage to investigate. I found the garage heater plugged in and not heating anything, again.

My father, a white Caucasian male, is his own entity and operates at the instructions of those seeking to harm me and/or my Japanese mother. This has been an unwelcome political arrangement, and has been analyzed by Japan foreign officials as a serious international incident by the USAF. The Ill treatment and torture I report by the USA is well after the fact of Japan's concern. And 23 years since US CIA interfered with my repatriation to Japan after college graduation;- things worsened for my life in the USA.