Monday, April 11, 2022

dream last night

Though I slept last night, I had yet another dream with some EM look alike. 
Like a video clip again.
Clip 1:- a transportation system where I was in a starfighter looking vehicle on a set track. I asked if it is a coffin. Someone else said she bought a Tesla. Reluctantly, I sat in the vehicle while EM looked down on me. The track drove into town, and at an intersection;- another track with a vehicle appeared above me. These vehicles took up the width of the old street. But the test mode of this transport is stacked vertically. And then I was back home. And touching the places on my forehead that felt bruised from the #5g or microwave pulses.

Clip 2. Inside a huge barn like facility where EM is leading us while we follow. There are shops with tables and seating. This part is difficult to remember. Though I was mostly a bystander observing.

Clip 3.  Standing at a loading dock, there are "food trucks" that haul food to people secretly hidden. One trailer with fans, one box truck, and a personal car. Everything is dirty and dingy here. Yet for the people who live here this is an exciting thing to see. And only one question was asked of me - "how many people can fit in that" with EM motioning his attention to the box truck.

Those were the sequences I remember.
These synthetic dreams interfere with my problem solving and personal use of my dream time to solve my daily problems. 
I wake feeling violated by these "imposed" dreams. And no longer feel "included" or privy to some obscure knowledge since I learned this may be the defense department doing non-consensual brainwashing using real #5g microwave or satellite targeting.