Sunday, April 03, 2022

dirty bulk turned into got bad habits

While I fell out of my high performance grain free, mostly fruit free alkaline keto vegan and detox diet:- i packed on 15lbs sheerly by using a grain based protein powder. Not a good thing.
Dirty bulking for me consisted of:
Year 1:
2-3 grain inclusive (not keto) based plant protein shakes a day over 8-9months.
Added Hummus, pinto & black beans.

Year 2:
Owch-- all the bad stuff and here is the list
1.  Ramen Noodles  with MCT (personal spice mix of soy wasabi & chili soy)
2. Ketchup - a rare item due to toxins even if organic.
3. Rice- cooked white rice makes me feel worse than ramen noodles-- go figure
4. Assortment of normal (not keto)vegan cookies- these got so addictive after going decades. These cookies melt in coffee into a sugary slather. 

Officially, I got grain-brain. It is highly addictive plant based food with alot of empty calories

And MCT oil had added about 15lbs to my normally low weight. I can still cram myself into size 4's but I have a muffin top for the first time in my life. I am, a size 6 and my once pretty face is turned into a saggy elderly person's butt. 
I have a ton of training to do, and every joint pain and old injury is sore if not painful.
I'm hoping to turn it around. Especially after daily toxicity from Both of my unhealthy and unfit parents-- who did nothing positive for my life in the past 3years after asking me to stay close to home for them.
It's brutal. And my once happy healthy routine that includes occasional french fries and an avo toasted bagel is gone

Today, 2years into pandemic fueling and sedentary lifestyle-- I am seriously in deep shit. Financially, it's a tough turn around back to my optimal health that crushed my lifelong anemia.

How to turn this around? After being veg and mainly vegan for the past 35years of my life??? And unjoining the gym due to old ken type hostilities??? I'm at wits end.
Digging out the Unbeatable Mind course I took...doesn't seem like enough.