Friday, April 15, 2022

Bio-tech and climate change.

How to express this serious matter?

Maybe today, the strange world I wrote about in 9th grade creative writing with 2 characters who I named China and Samson (instead of Samsung) will make sense.
It's been, about 3 decades since I described a world where humans ceased to exist as we know them today. Yet in my 9th grade story human DNA was put into plant life for survival during climate change. It was perceived as a form of cannibalism. And the methods were not revealed. It simply was.

Yet today, finally today-- most people are gaining awareness of mRNA, hybrid cells, and chimera. But my self-invented story world as a 9th grader got me cast out of anything my classmates could relate to. It wasn't even a sci-fi story back then.

Today I can write away a new fiction of how PCR tests meant for supply chain product testing were reverse engineered to collect public DNA samples worldwide. And the samples were converted to some randomized human mRNA signals that were then converted into cRNA and distributed in "fertilizers" by polymersome.
Fertilizers now having a broad definition beyond agricultural soils and where nano-tech affects subsequent generations of seeds.

But that's ok. Noone knew they had meant there was mRNA from someones DNa to grow an ear. They thought that was funny back then too. Get it? They used to jest, and ear. Yet this had nothing to do with GMO corn seed. The vibe I picked up on was for real hybrid plants made with human DNA. Yes. I repeat. For survival. 

I wasn't aware of the DeepState as a kid. I thought I was isolate and ostracized because everyone around me was simply racist. And those who befriended me had financial motivations with pedos. 

Sadly being ground into fertilizer as a human has taken on the scientific process of DNA sequencing, CrispR tech, isolating mRNA, patenting cRNA and generally playing with puzzle pieces that make life stand up in Earths gravitational field.

Retrospect of being an outcast repeatedly.
And it's way too late. The damage has been done. While the public is just finding out about something that took root over 30years ago.