Thursday, April 07, 2022

angry today

Minorities are different than the rest of us FOB. Even if born in the USA, they say. They say Equality and push FISA 1978 a law that was derived straight from hate. Human Rights treaties ignored, forcing good families from abroad to be poor. Forced religion of a Christian cross, enforced by a racist, murderer, pedophile boss.  Then go to school at age 2 the lineup of pedophiles says we don't understand you. You an English learner, you bilingual mud. Your mom can't stop us and your dad is a scum. You should be thankful for our white cum.
From the DOJ to the preschool, elementary too. Quakertown DeepState has been making deals in a backroom. Bucks County they say is the Bildeberger's way. Their pedophiles and traffickers are here to stay. Using the system and obstructing all rights, unless they hand off money through lawsuits  protecting their knights. It's not a nation they say, the American way. There are no families or someone to protect you. They all sold out for an Xbox or two.
Scum, they keep the scum paid with RICO type crimes. Easy clean money they say, to hurt those related to foreign officials every year in every way. BUCKS county, PA is full of DeepState that paved the way over a swamp. Noone decent can reach them in an economic slump. Biotech testing on foreignwrs children too, hiding behind security of a Security agreement or two. Japanese are those they sold and killed to keep the Chinese, Koreans, and Phillipines. It's funny to them patriots. Isn't it.