Tuesday, April 05, 2022

ambient backscatter

This morning, I woke without having the mental disruption of what I generally call "v2k". The house has been innundated with frequencies 24/7 for the past 3 years I've been here. 
One microwave suspect: coming from a noisy pickup truck that parks someone on the rural county road outside. There are only 8-9 properties on this 1/2 mile of road where I live. The pickup truck's engine is noisy, and I get shielding out, which doesn't help. During their frequent nightly stops, the "moonlight farms" IP and it's related IP shows up. Almost as soon as I can screenshot the IP lists, my computer and phone are hacked-- And my screens multiply, open every app, or freeze. I'm stuck without a way to trace this nightly incident. And then the microwaves start to ping off the thin layer of shielding that covers my head. It only reduces some of the intensity of being microwaved from the street. Some days, I wonder if it's a portable LRad mounted. 

And the police- ignore my attempts to make reports. Clearly a sign that they are in compliance with the criminals. My only choice after over 2 years of continued cyber torture-- to make a weak report to the FBI. 

This is part of the daily onslaught of being a Targeted Individual in DeepState Pennsylvania. I'm cyberopped out of work. And my only options online are the ones that work. Things like Twitter. Occasional Facebook posts, are my cry for help.
And yes, life is this fragile today. Where all Cyberops have destroyed my ability to be competent in the world of WWW and internet. 

That is aside from what is called Cybertorture as a form of psychological torture. Which, today, maybe today-- I can expound upon. While I am hesitant due to my need to have "proof" of implants in my body at specific locations. And being run into the ground, and having little funds to survive on;-- it's unlikely that I will be able to produce full sets of accurate MRI, X-ray, and anything else that will show micro and nano-tech. 
Cybertorture is a new class of crime against a victim. And the forensic methods are still being established. All while I be ame a hate-crime victim of Bucks County police and local officials and their supporters.