Friday, April 22, 2022

2000 Gangstalkers in Doylestown

It's really difficult to be related to somebody in another nation that once was the USA's only enemy. Depsite the few incredible special operations military who saved my life from other USA state actors;
 Everyone in the USA generally sux.
And, I'm out of money, connections, and references. 
In hindsight, the lack of references from colleges and employers is a stack of racism and blaring DeepState ops. One example was my first year after college graduation. I returned, like any college grad to my parents Bucks County, PA home. My father, an American, generally hated me since childhood- so only at my Japanese mother's request was I permitted any footing to stand on. She married a DeepState asshole who is a horrible person to me. I got a teaching position at a community music conservatory. But the circumstances were unknown to me until AFTER I accepted the Job. I had been in Florida with DeepState handler boyfriend and really didn't like it there. Being that the CIA doctor from John Hopkins was in my life with the Gross family as I worked with them on a 27mil IT contract - I was barely paid $12/hr at their home offices and given a room to stay for a month, until the handler returned.  But this Doylestown conservatory, had an ENTIRE FaCULTY AnD Student walk-off. And stories about ghosts, demons, and a general evil vibe were why 30+ instructors and 400+students left.
In other words, Not Normal.
And I was only looking at want ads to secure income as quickly as possible.
Needless to say, yours truly, was hired. Gangstalked, terrorized, and had less than 10% of my studio positive people (not racist). 
And the conservatory broke labor laws in my hours and pay repeatedly every 6 weeks (obscure). But because it was all on their books and handwritten checks- and many local lawyers were racist also-- I was the bad person in their shitty community.

Reality. Noone wrote a reference letter for me. I was gaslighted to the hilt and pummeled with microagressions to full on racist attacks from the cheesy director who  didn't want to pay me at all.
The new faculty hired after me were indoctrinated in wig wearing, coven-,like Gangstalkers theater out in the open. And I was their primary target. It wasn't even hidden. It was racist theater for the public to view. Absolutely horrible people who indoctrinated other community members in their satanic cult.