Wednesday, April 27, 2022

more perps.

Experimentees. I'm a non-consensual human test experimentee.

I'm adding a few new probably perpetrators who diminished my human rights while I was in Hawaii. Not only are some related US Navy suspect for human trafficking to US Navy but, my telecom was compromised as well. Today I'm adding Hawaii's 
United States Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM) under the DoD.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

my personal protocol

By Angela M. Kikuchi Kneale
Below is a general outline that I share in my personal recovery from biotoxins story. They were steps I took as an individual to find a solution, and even the involvement of doctors and homeopaths and nutritionists were part of my protocol. However, I am a lifelong non-consensual human test subject of the USA-- Despite being informed about what the USA intended for my life from a young age where I understood adult English speech.

My foreign, Japanese national mother was exposed to Nuclear radiation and fallout post-abombing of Japan. As well as, US biological warfare on Japanese civilians that included contaminated paper money, DDT, and other chemicals intended to cripple Japan's population. Some of my health issues are linked to the US nuclear and biological weapons testing on Japanese post Abombs. 

My protocol for self use:
These items were what I done in various order and repeated:
1. Digestive enzymes
2. Finding toxins in blood
3. Microscopy - 
     Live Blood
     Dried Blood - electron - rental possible at some public universities
4. Reduce Parts Per Million in body
Background:  Some nano-particles are made of toxic and non-biodegradable polymers that were required to be removed from the bodies of animals in animal tests. The government or organizations and companies that put these toxins in my body (see DoD 5240.1R 1986) should have been required to remove them within a 14-30day time frame. The following services were not prescribed or referred out to me. I sought to remove the toxic particles the only way available to me, by live blood donation.
    Live blood donation - easily accessible
         Autologous -- means donate blood for yourself use only.
    Plasma donation 

    New blood cells are produced within 3-4days. Also I targeted rebuilding of new cells under cellular level supervision- aka bioengineering or body building.

5.  Clean intestinal folds
     Colonics series- initially done at onset of my symptoms, within the 1st month.
         maintenance after colonic
     Daily drink of natural ionic toxin binders:
          Chlorella / Chlorophyllins
          Activated Charcoal
6.  Hospital- allergy and chemical sensitivity testing
             basic allergy panel test
             blood test- spin blood /plasma
             Single chemical sensitivity tests

 7. * Caution* some macro minerals are known to assist fibrin self assembly when nano-tech issues are involved.  Large quantities of Calcium, Iodine, Potassium, etc are commonly found in pescatarian and  lavto-ovo vegetarian diets and sport performance nutrition. This was not true in my case as a vegan. But, additional food/digestion complications arose from toxins involved in my circulatory system and my consumption of carbs had to cease completely at the onset of nutritional intervention. Unexpected adverse reactions to food, coatings, chemicals, pesticides, and and other PPM of airborne particles MAY arise until the toxins PPM are sufficiently reduced. I was subsequently recontaminated several times in 3 years. And had to repeat this fasting period with a special diet. This is much different than switching to a vegan starch based diet.

  8.  Maintain alkaline balance to manage remaining toxic particles and biotoxins with appropriate whole foods.
     No citrus allergy so I could eat a whole organic lemon after fasting period.
   No nuts allergies so I could consume high quality raw nuts for a staple meal.
     See Alkaline foods lists by Edgar Cayce, keep in mind macro minerals.

Friday, April 22, 2022


What would you say, if I told you 
We can get tracking "implants" from blisters made by uncomfortable shoes?

That is aside from the hundreds of other methods being used to put RF bandwidth signals receptive nano-tech in human and animal bodies. Visit NASA engineer's Richard Lighthouse's video o several RF implants moving in his leg at

Pic. Of my foot. Could this 4-5cm line and square looking formation on my instep be evidence of an old implant? It feels about as good n as collapsed arches and Achilles tendonitis after a low volt electrical current goes through it. But, it also isn't a fibrous mass and disappears when I move my foot around. Maybe it was some old plantar fibroma that went unnoticed for a decade and went away. Who knows?

See a foot video by Richard Lighthouse of

The search for proving implants and non-consensual human testing continues.  Share your story with others.  
What they did to us, isn't pretty.

The other suspect issue is transhuman fibrin growth that is studied repeatedly in animal tests. So even if this old mark is the result of nano-tech and biotoxins that travelled and remained in my foot and caused some plantar fibrosis (see I will forever be grateful to the person who saved my life.

patent yourself as wetware?

*this is for entertainment purposes only, and it is not legal advice.*"
God's IP has implications over human society that invalidate many human laws. 
Such as-- if God created all creatures and humans and the earth, then God owns the IP for everything these creatures, humans, and the earth does. Even deviations by companies who claim IP over another being for their interaction with that individual, is God's IP.

How many parents have I read in the past 7years? Quite a few. And the possibilities that diagrams and figures obscure information is enormous. But one thing many people want to do, is to jam signals that are interfering with their daily life thinking and activities. And there is a very narrow window to obtain and use jamming devices outside of government approved applications.

Can we patent ourselves as wetware with a self signal jammer methodology. What?! 
I dislike any transhuman terminology and application to my god given nature. Why would I want to patent myself? Stop being ridiculous. -- pay the man.

Would that make each one of us an "illegal" jammer?  
A. No. Not yet. To jam an outgoing signal to protect IP is not illegal.

What about modern jabs/shots that may contain signals and nano OS? They are not part of my patent, so how does this affect the self-jammer methodology?
A. Please consult with a civil rights organization focused on Targeted Individuals.

Is it illegal for us to receive data packet transmissions?
A. Yes and maybe. There is no way to screen data packet transmissions, video, and sounds in the current world climate. Those types of screening are only available to controlled research settings.
 For any system to send a signal to the Brain, fluids, or implant means that bone conduction techniques, cellular recognition, light based signals transfer methods may be cybertactics meant to harm civilian infrastructure.

Prometheus judgement established parameters to patent "natural" life and DNA. Do I need to create my own cDNA to patent myself? 
A. Probably. IP issues are evolving as Neuro rights issues. Currently the majority of people and legal practitioners are unfamiliar with these issues, while corporations that use the language of these laws daily have included ownership of personal IP irregardless of prior unaffected DNA by THEIR patented cRNA.
Please consult a civil rights organization focused on Targeted individuals and Neuro rights.

Electromagnetic heating & RF of rooms

1. Large antennae that was in the yard was put on the roof. 
• The story behind the antennae is that someone took out home equity to sell these to everyone. This happened while I was living in Hawaii.
• The antennae blew a transformer the same time I had a very bad cognitive radio or live monitor style attack. It was noticeable due to the occurrence near the Thanksgiving holiday football game in 2021. 
• This antennae seems to be linked to the opening of my sunroof window, and other odd electrical occurances. It may be art of an array system.

Possible part of an antennae array and/or the device may be modified inside:- The 120w Garage space heater is outside the door of 2 sleeping areas. I believe my father a veteran  USAF tech has it set up to amplify the cognitive radio. When attacks are more intense at the house;- this heater is plugged in yet not used to hear the area. It is simply plugged in to power source.
• yesterday, I was attacked with synthetic dreams, a constant tone, and rap pertaining to my tweets the day before. The attack was severe, and I initially attributed it to my phone being left outside microwave sheilding while I slept. However early this morning I heard an animal in agony in the garage. So I went in the garage to investigate. I found the garage heater plugged in and not heating anything, again.

My father, a white Caucasian male, is his own entity and operates at the instructions of those seeking to harm me and/or my Japanese mother. This has been an unwelcome political arrangement, and has been analyzed by Japan foreign officials as a serious international incident by the USAF. The Ill treatment and torture I report by the USA is well after the fact of Japan's concern. And 23 years since US CIA interfered with my repatriation to Japan after college graduation;- things worsened for my life in the USA.

2000 Gangstalkers in Doylestown

It's really difficult to be related to somebody in another nation that once was the USA's only enemy. Depsite the few incredible special operations military who saved my life from other USA state actors;
 Everyone in the USA generally sux.
And, I'm out of money, connections, and references. 
In hindsight, the lack of references from colleges and employers is a stack of racism and blaring DeepState ops. One example was my first year after college graduation. I returned, like any college grad to my parents Bucks County, PA home. My father, an American, generally hated me since childhood- so only at my Japanese mother's request was I permitted any footing to stand on. She married a DeepState asshole who is a horrible person to me. I got a teaching position at a community music conservatory. But the circumstances were unknown to me until AFTER I accepted the Job. I had been in Florida with DeepState handler boyfriend and really didn't like it there. Being that the CIA doctor from John Hopkins was in my life with the Gross family as I worked with them on a 27mil IT contract - I was barely paid $12/hr at their home offices and given a room to stay for a month, until the handler returned.  But this Doylestown conservatory, had an ENTIRE FaCULTY AnD Student walk-off. And stories about ghosts, demons, and a general evil vibe were why 30+ instructors and 400+students left.
In other words, Not Normal.
And I was only looking at want ads to secure income as quickly as possible.
Needless to say, yours truly, was hired. Gangstalked, terrorized, and had less than 10% of my studio positive people (not racist). 
And the conservatory broke labor laws in my hours and pay repeatedly every 6 weeks (obscure). But because it was all on their books and handwritten checks- and many local lawyers were racist also-- I was the bad person in their shitty community.

Reality. Noone wrote a reference letter for me. I was gaslighted to the hilt and pummeled with microagressions to full on racist attacks from the cheesy director who  didn't want to pay me at all.
The new faculty hired after me were indoctrinated in wig wearing, coven-,like Gangstalkers theater out in the open. And I was their primary target. It wasn't even hidden. It was racist theater for the public to view. Absolutely horrible people who indoctrinated other community members in their satanic cult.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Entrainment too strong

3PM, I woke up near 3PM. 
And there was a tone very loud, like a tuning fork sound when I turned my head from side to side. So I shook my head like a rapid "no' head shake, and the tone was clearer, stronger. I continued with head shaking and I heard words -- all rapper.It started with the rapper's voice chanting the last Chant post I made. No more mRNA, No more CRNA no more polymerase...
And it evolved into a Twitter post I made a out everyone having the same baby. The microwaves we're asking me if I meant clones growing inside of people. Or if they meant MRNA changing people and eradicating the need for plastic surgery all together. People actually want preferred traits of movie stars, so it makes sense to allow people to breed babies for the next generation of Americans with these "most desirable" industry genetics in mRNA shots.

And with the microwave like tone and more "no halead shaking"  another rap started about Minaj 
And -- order Minaj's booty from a new MRNA catalog. You can be like the stars, put your family behind bars. mRNA mRNA here's the new catalog.

As I tried to move away from the sport where I was hit;- several loud microwave "skull popping" sounds eminated from the top of my head. I moved my hands quickly to cover the top of my head, but it did not help. -- the way the sounds work is that they beam microwave or radar or #5g/ satellielte signals at the targets head.
From the top is usually satellite -.USAF AND US Space Force.
From the sides is usually cell or microwave tower, sometimes police radar. - microwave magnetron boxes may be installed on towers illegally, or someone has hijacked the Nokia Microwave Emergency systems many states use. Nokia is a common system. 

Essentially, the signal locks onto the skull of the person and sends a beam and the sound is heard through bone conduction. Consciously or unconsciously the words are heard through the reverb from brain fluids into the skull. It's a similar principle to the Sonic attacks in Cuba, but has different uses and real registered patents.
Many people have compiled lists of hundreds of viable patents as cyber methods that are subliminals,  dream training, instructions, EMS tracking, and other hypnosis devices.

Finally, I was able to break the signal stream directed at my head. And I felt nauseated. A normal symptom of radiation exposure. (microwave, radar, LRAD, etc.) The portable 'microwaves" are usually radar signals that behave like Microwaves. But, it's coding for sound stupid and let the engineers remind everyone that microwaves are not portable.

I fell back asleep inadvertently. I woke with my head hanging over the recliner arm just under the table next to it. Near 11PM. 
I slept away Wednesday. Moved initial post from subdomain. Was posted accidentally.

EU prayer only acknowledged by UN

As a minority, Spiritually I was healthier around other HAPA and API temples and spiritual dojo life.
And in this unfriendly USA, only European traditions of religion and prayer were awarded peace poles from the UN.
It's a continuation of "white supremacy" of sorts. And today, I'm removing the Bruno Groening pictures from their prior places in my life. The photos are considered to be amulets of sorts that tune/tap into the energy from the mystic. 

I still wonder if there's a huge coverup of Asian quantum Buddhist tradition in the European circles. I know from my other spiritual endeavors that many spiritual cord connections go back to my Shamanic Indigenous Asian ancestry from the Kurils and Sakhalin in Siberia. I'm a HAPA in modern terms, but my ancestry has 3000+years of documentation from trading horses, fish, weapons from ancient China to Japan. So I am Hapa, it's a Hawaiian word that I gained some comfort using while I lived in Hawaii. The newer term for Japanese outside of Japan (predominantly in the EU, USA, Canada) is Halvsie. There simply hasn't been an appropriate language for us, despite the acceptance of mixed-race Asian marriages.
And there is a remaining imbalance for our multiple perspectives and actual ways of interacting that USA intelligence has manipulated as a form of psychological torture. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

re: USA, I'm Over it.

By Angela M. Kikuchi Kneale

The Americans I have met throughout my life, are proud of being racists, pedophiles, human traffickers, child abusers, drug traffickers, gun runners, pimps, hustlers, and unpunished organized crime. They take delight in their successes and threaten lawsuits of slander throughout the course of their conspiracies and actions.

Their behavior is converse to the strict actual guidelines of having an international family members of Japan and the USA being able and unthreatened in keeping travel and family communications intact. 
I strongly believe that what the Americans have done to me and to my immediate family members throughout my life is a form of torture. 

Since 2016-2017, I became aware of a loosely organized civil rights movement of "targeted individuals". The documents that are requested are very time consuming, and emotionally, psychologically, financially, and socially draining. These documents are to gather information about a "torture" program conducted by the CIA and a long list of USA state actors. 
In many cases, other Americans are apt to attack those who identify as victims of CIA targeting as a form of collective democratic retaliation to coverup state run torture.

Most of the Americans, disregard their laws as a form of social participation and trust. Financially, their actions are beneficial and these state actors live near flawless lives, with and without court battles or accidents.
Their favorite targets are citizens from foreign nations and their immediate family members. Obviously the wealthiest foreign nations are China and Japan. Families who retain connections to their homeland nations are targeted as sources of income for the US social elite- attorneys, local politicians, police, CIA, false flags, and "patsies" or martyrs groomed and stalked as scapegoats. It is an effective a form of hostage taking and torture where all international sensitivity is overlooked. The questionfinancial damages alone constitute terroristic threats to human rights  The religious persecution goes far beyond the tolerances of what has been publically disapproved of at Guantanamo Bay-- the infamous U.S. torture prison.
 However in local US laws that have a 10year statute of limitations , it might qualify as racketeering- or RICO Act Violations-- which include murder and influencing foreign officials.

This is the beginning of understanding how early RICO Act 1970, FisA 1978, and other Alien & Tort statues including Hostage taking, USCA 50, US Constitution Amendments (ie., 1,2,6,8) involving Due Process, were overlooked or violated. Enabled further byand DoD 5240.1R (08/1986) surveillance manual used widely by US Intel and branches of the armed forces and CIA laws and procedures that allowed for microwave signals, exotic signals, slander of the surveillance subjects, degredation of life, and non-consensual human experimentation of adults and children. It evolved into Patriot Act, Freedom Act, and the domestic US Citizen focused "Targeted Individual" program that widely includes US Open source intelligence, across the planet. These programs are linked congruently with US intelligence offices, Kindle, and Amazon locations. And there is little to no opposition of these outright violations of human rights in any international court against the United States of America. 

It's as if every American Government official, employee, defense contractors and employees since is laughing at those of us who are pushed out of their culture. Yet this movement was brought to light by the same perpetrators of the human rights violations since at least the 1960s. It only became a problem when the slippery slope reached the wallets of the government officials who started the gradation of the slippery slope. And now that it does involve many more Americans, those of us who have foreign concerns and are 1st generation Americans are being pushed out of the way and silenced from within this "global civil rights" movement. And no, not a single one of these Government whistleblowers and their popular following will allow any 1st generation American to lead. At least not for very long without gaining refined human behavioral test data of the torture back to the CIA researchers.

And the research involved in my case detracts from the quality of my life and health by an upcoming 5th decade. This is an outrage for me to understand so in depth.  


They refuse to hear a reality that differs from their own.

Normies, USA domestic people on average accept this idea of equality. Tell me how equality exists when Foreign Surveillance Laws are named and designed to target foreigners and their family members who are already US military or who are born dual nationals, or American? Yet, we are "equal"? The individuality of applicable laws at birth are quite different. The definition of USA constitutional equality is illusory.

Prayer reflection- adversity of spirit

Prayer, was never a strength in my life.
Mostly because of the intense negativity seething from the Sunday school teachers, pastor, kids parents, and other churchgoers.  Though I was raised in a Lutheran Evangelical spirit world, and taken there every Sunday by my God parents who were involved at the church. I was baptized my 1st year on the planet till Confirmation and I was told every Sunday that I was unworthy of God's love and would go to hell for my skin color and my mother's national and racial background.
That was what church was to me, at the core of the teachings. My parents didn't understand why my brother begged not to attend the church until before my confirmation. 

I read a comic book version of the bible repeatedly. It was from my Catholic US grandmom on my dad's side. I learned the Lord's prayer and said it nightly before sleep. But that was the only prayer I said, and it worked both at Lutheran church and Catholic Church when my parents attended with my dad's family/ relatives. We weren't really part of my dad's family. I was never "Charlie's daughter". We were "you people" "you think you're people", "your one of those... J-word". Noone really spoke to me like I belonged with them or my father. 

And my prayers weren't good enough for anyone either. Even when I was asked, I would pass because of the toxic negativity I was pummeled with afterwards. 

So, to this day, on 2022 things haven't changed. Nothing is good enough for the prayer groups. My words, are negative to them and I'm quickly urged to stop speaking. Yet they can say words like Alcoholic, drug addiction, cancer, pedophile, disease, ailments and are considered positive people. When I say SRA, I am immediately shushed by the white privledged. After all, haven't I learned my place in America? Shush you mixed race Asian-- haven't you heard our president ok'd us to abuse you with Anti-Asian hate speech and crimes?

So, I say my prayers for all that/who I love.
And keep things short and simple, since nothing is good enough for the haters.
I found a couple prayers I wrote at the pinnacle of my desperation in life;- being passed over for marriage and family life  at the end of my child bearing years.
That's what the USA is. 
For me it's the converse of the old western  on today -- where the white woman declines life with Apaches as an "Apache whore". I really dislike being a USA whore. And that's basically what life is with these Americans. 
Nothing I am is "good enough" for them and they punished those who helped me.

USA's targeting of relatives to foreign officials

Over the past half decade, the turbulence in my life has become very clearly linked to USA intelligence efforts.

While the locals and daily normies find it amusing and find ways to dismiss their involvement in real politics;- my reality is very political and very real. And it doesn't mean that the Japanese stork found me born in outer space and brought me to the USA devoid of having Japanese family and relatives, including my silenced and shamed Issei mother. Just ask the SBA or Rep. Fitzpatrick's office for clarification on their trafficking stance.

The local yokel government officials and feds really do intend the rash of insults, even on an interpersonal level. They intend to try and force me into their trafficking networks, including US Military. And they have for decades to access the shipping lines only a select few relatives I have could manipulate. 
As a result, I live under constant yearly, quarterly, and monthly threats and unwelcome monitoring using a variety of non-consensual signals.
Today, I put my Bluetooth devices in an old microwave. And am innundated with outside frequency attacks and cyber ops to decomission my life in this body. 

So, I hope to finish my international communication against the USA. I understand that nearly 50years of being subject to persecution, cruel and unusual punishment, and state torture by the USA is too much. And I'm failing myself due to the "doubling up" of current attacks as retaliation for documenting decades old attacks on me and my deceased and disabled family members. The USA didn't want a biological line of people to survive my Japanese issei mother. And so, in international forms of torture- I must consider that the USA allowed her to give birth to me, to possibly torture her and affect my foreign official relatives. So in essence, I was and am a human born for slaughter. And that is a crime against humanity by the USA.
As my USAF w6 (OSI) veteran father used to say to me as a young child "Try to find somebody who loves you."  And today those words make sense against a backdrop of the definitions of torture.

past 2 weeks

Things deteriorated quickly.
Needing a vehicle that is secure from attacks. I've been stranded for the past year. Police said "you don't have proof" over the phone when I contacted them over attacks to my vehicle in the past, and refused to take any report in any way.
And they reference FOIA for all phone calls.
This is similar to what I experienced prior to 2009. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

God's creatures

Humans, the way most humans live today is barely evolved. Game theories are played out as a focus that hardly separates humans with higher consciousness from animals.
Even more destructive than any creature or plague is collateral damages caused by human game theory.

The concepts of "God" and humanity are hardly separated from animal behaviors.
And it seems this exploitation of vulnerabilities has rotted the very core of the planet. Rather than focusing on collective positivity and separating from animal interaction, mankind is no better as a species than any of God's creatures. There is little peace and unity. And during these times of human war God's creatures show more heart, compassion, and innocence towards each other. 
And through their actions, God is present.

Humans, have only admired the control of destructive capabilities- Acquisition, capture, torture. There were many other possibilities that have vanished. 

Monday, April 18, 2022

Hydra: Links

The below are articles considered based on images for comparison in Microscopy. Of  my own live blood Microscopy picture for biotoxin illness aka toxic mold (illness).

Resources for comparison:

Search terms:
Plasma angiotensin-converting enzyme

Not peer reviewed:

Cellular multifunctionality in the muscle activity of Hydra vulgaris
John SzymanskiRafael Yuste

Unknown if Peer Reviewed:
Hydra's Four nematocysts.

Best one for Hydra electron microscopy of cindarian:  
Özbek, Suat. (2010). The cnidarian nematocyst: A miniature extracellular matrix within a secretory vesicle. Protoplasma. 248. 635-40. 10.1007/s00709-010-0219-4.

Tortiglione, Claudia. "An Ancient Model Organism to Test In Vivo Novel Functional Nanocrystals". Biomedical Engineering - From Theory to Applications, edited by Reza Fazel-Rezai, IntechOpen, 2011. 10.5772/21038.

Blackwell Publishing Ltd 36 ORIGINAL ARTICLE Determination of proliferation by flow cytometry Quantification of cell-cycle distribution and mitotic index in Hydra by flow cytometry - Scientific Figure on ResearchGate. Available from: [accessed 18 Apr, 2022]

Campbell, R. & Iñiguez, A. & Iñiguez, Alonso & Martínez, D.. (2013). Hydra of Hawaii: Phylogenetic relationships with continental species. Hydrobiologia. 713. 10.1007/s10750-013-1508-7. 

Friday, April 15, 2022

Excerpt about nano-tech cRNA

Writing about experiences with nano-tech that is invisible to the naked eye is truly difficult. It's an awkward thing to explain how one's body perceives the shape and movement of technologies that can transmit Data. Of course people and doctors will call a person insane. Yet these experiences are thought to be very similar to feeling parasites move in the human body. And sometimes more intense and focused because of the use of microwaves, #5g, and other ionic interactions. 
But the problem exists that microwave technologies simultaneously cause nano-scale brain damage. What would you say if you read the below "experience" about lethargic mice in a house dying for no apparent reason-- and then read the edit (also below).

The newborn field mice walk slowly in the house and one older mouse died last week. Seemed like 2 stillborn mice in her stomach maybe.  A invisible nano thread felt like it touched my lip like an invisible worm. Impossible! To feel and perceive the shape of such a thing unseen.


The newborn mice walk slowly and do not scurry. An older walking mouse died last week. 2 still baby mice in her stomach, no blood, calm and walked up my arm.  A nano thread felt like it touched my lip like an invisible worm. Impossible! To perceive the shape of such a thing.

This is one abstract experience. Yet many victims who have suffered from Bio-tech  or nano tech experiments or accidents have been institutionalized for more outrageous descriptions of their experiences.  Especially to practitioners who are only focused in their immediate environment, police, EMS, nurses aides. All of whom are quick to commit people for descriptions of seeing tiny lights - that could be attributed to fiberoptics, brain damage, phosphorescence in hybrid nano tech.

What are we to do today with the vast coverage nanotech has? 


In the future, any household with a large percentage of foreign and China manufactured goods would be held liable for treason as a public official. A rule that would trickle down to USA citizens and voters.

Bio-tech and climate change.

How to express this serious matter?

Maybe today, the strange world I wrote about in 9th grade creative writing with 2 characters who I named China and Samson (instead of Samsung) will make sense.
It's been, about 3 decades since I described a world where humans ceased to exist as we know them today. Yet in my 9th grade story human DNA was put into plant life for survival during climate change. It was perceived as a form of cannibalism. And the methods were not revealed. It simply was.

Yet today, finally today-- most people are gaining awareness of mRNA, hybrid cells, and chimera. But my self-invented story world as a 9th grader got me cast out of anything my classmates could relate to. It wasn't even a sci-fi story back then.

Today I can write away a new fiction of how PCR tests meant for supply chain product testing were reverse engineered to collect public DNA samples worldwide. And the samples were converted to some randomized human mRNA signals that were then converted into cRNA and distributed in "fertilizers" by polymersome.
Fertilizers now having a broad definition beyond agricultural soils and where nano-tech affects subsequent generations of seeds.

But that's ok. Noone knew they had meant there was mRNA from someones DNa to grow an ear. They thought that was funny back then too. Get it? They used to jest, and ear. Yet this had nothing to do with GMO corn seed. The vibe I picked up on was for real hybrid plants made with human DNA. Yes. I repeat. For survival. 

I wasn't aware of the DeepState as a kid. I thought I was isolate and ostracized because everyone around me was simply racist. And those who befriended me had financial motivations with pedos. 

Sadly being ground into fertilizer as a human has taken on the scientific process of DNA sequencing, CrispR tech, isolating mRNA, patenting cRNA and generally playing with puzzle pieces that make life stand up in Earths gravitational field.

Retrospect of being an outcast repeatedly.
And it's way too late. The damage has been done. While the public is just finding out about something that took root over 30years ago.

mRNA vs cDNA convo

As an animal rights and human rights activist, I think all Genetic definitions should have prominent legal judgements and cases attached where applicable.

Over the past decade, I've read dozens of articles, patents, and research papers about DNA, chimera vs. hybrid animals and/or cells, Prometheus case and relevant judgements (see Areal links), and IP  for animal and human rights. That is in small comparison to the hundreds of works on transhuman and nano tech that I've researched to share a minute portion at activist meetings. Yet, the news is still teaching the public about mRNA while cRNA is the patentable form of RNA.

See this Supreme Court ruling about how cRNA is patentable -- and covers mRNA.

Here's a link to the textbook (government) definition of mRNA devoid of legalities.  See attached screenshot if you don't want to click on it.
m is for messenger in mRNA--  basically a cut out part (isolated) of DNA/RNA code(signals) from some natural life form. It is messenger RNA because the cut out signals from the 🧬 become a set of instructions sent to other living cells in the same type of living being or a different one.

Take this Rough said "hybrid" creature example: how researchers inject human DNA into mouse or bat brains to make the animals smarter. 
1. Is it cRNA or is it natural mRNA injected?
2. What classification does the next generation of animals born to these "hybrids" get? Chimera or Hybrid? Is the next generation a patentable lifeform? Who owns their IP?

While I've studied some hybrid and chimera examples to understand the diff. between what researchers can and cannot patent out of the natural world. The lines around IP (intellectual property) with and without hybrid brain cells or transhuman technology are also challenged in a similar fashion to the well known Prometheus case. This complex issue is intertwined with other issues concerning non-consensual human testing-- and a deeper personal concern over mRNA and cRNA signals distributed in the supply chain and released in living beings of all life forms through nano-spheres, nano-beads, and polymers. 

 It's actually a critical issue for my concern for animals and human rights. And a much more complex focus that I rarely get to discuss with others.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Farmhouse floor cleaning

What does a vegan do to house clean?
Especially dirty farmhouse floors? Or old nom-vegan ovens.
Some of the easiest natural cleanups are made with a mix of white Vinegar and baking soda, Castile soap and hot water help with a mop.

 Essential oils like thyme, lavender, tea tree oil, oregano, cinnamon, and mint or wintergreen can add to clearing the area of spider and mouse traffic. These creatures are well aware of gardening EO tactics, so changing up what is diffused or added to a rinse bucket.  But noone wants their home to smell like a sanitized Philadelphia train station. So change up once in a while.

Disclaimer: Deep cleaning for ultra dirty grime-- the following instructions are for heavily soiled carpets that have reached the end of their life.

Very warm to Hot water in carpet cleaning tanks helps to loosen dirt in carpet fibers. It also helps to emulsify any esse tial oils added.

And after a couple initial passes, rinsing once with some Cruelty-free  bleach alternatives mixed in the rinse bucket. 

Cleaning ground in dirt from outside takes time and water. Estimate About 1gallon of warm or hot water per square foot. And to take your time to let the enzymes, detergent, and bleach alternative work in for 30-40seconds before suctioning it out of the carpet. It is a slow process, 1.5-2hours for 6-10square feet of heavily matted medium to high pile plush carpet.  But it can rewind the carpet back to "I think I need to start saving for a new carpet" look of a clean yet matted and maybe slightly discolored. Especially if the house is no longer in pristine "entertaining guests mode" and exited to "survivalist earthy"  mode. 
Steps are the worst. And it gets worse if you have beautiful wood floors waiting to be refinished under the dirty mess on top of it. The more water used can cause water damage below wood floors. So it's really important to take the time to suction all moisture possible out of the carpet and the spongey foam under it. And add fans to help dry it out for at least 36-48hours.

Some carpets are already discolored (ie., Silvery Gray dining room carpet to orange from spot cleaner is unsightly) from "heavy duty spot cleaners for pet messes" 
If the carpet is really pet and shoe dirty;- doing a final rinse with colorfast bleach oxygen alternative can help make the next light or normal cleaning  improve your deep cleaning.  There are no sponsored products here and only a scoop is needed for a gallon pass.

 If it's hardcore dirt and discoloration is no concern- using 1/4cup of  straight liquid Hydrogen peroxide $0.99-$2.50/ pint  can also up it and get rid of some parasites and germs. The carpet may brighten up more the next time you do a normal cleaning. 

Deep cleaning takes time and patience-- it's an "easy" job otherwise. So wear protective ear wear. 

Low pile carpets may seem cleaner than higher pile carpets until you start cleaning them. The dark brown water probably won't run near soapy clear till the second cleaning day.

Just remember nearly every single  chemical in the USA has a history of being tested on lab animals. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Mixed-race Mouse?

Today, I was surprised to see a couple of videos show up in my feed. Here was one I watched all the way through:

Can I say outrightly, what happened? What happened to acceptance, because it is genuinely absent from BOTH Liberal and GOP agenda.
By acceptance, I mean those of us who grew up in America and had one US Military veteran parent and one other foreign or immigrant parent. I've just spent 6years of my life unpacking literal torture and violations of nearly all of my human rights by US State Actors all the way to the DOJ.

When I look at US Politics, it's missing a wide spectrum of individuals, who are the actual biological descendants and offspring of Loving Day marriages. You know it was a civil rights breakthrough for the USA to allow and maybe condone mixed-race marriages.

But in US politics, there is noone like this in office-- except maybe former POTUS Obama himself. And due to the powers that be, there is a huge "class separation" that put many of us mixed-race 1st generation adults, at the "bottom of the pile" of minorities in the USA when the Patriot act was passed with many other acts. By bottom of the pile, I mean we are fighting for our individual rights in a sea of white supremacy vs. Transgender acceptance.
And there is no space for my values in today's America. There are 2 sides, and neither side has space or a place for me to live and have a family of my own. 
But it is too late for that.
And maybe for some mixed-race 1st generation Americans they accept their place in the USA. But for me, I've had the grueling reality of Loving Day ruling was another CIA operation to deploy on America's old enemies.

And so I've lost all faith in whatever America was is and had the potential to be become. It seems seemless that minorities are forced to play roles they never intended to or want to play. And the choices are not based on freedom. The choices are based on heirarchical necessity and a redtape form of volunteerism that equates to slave labor.

It's a bad place the USA. And noone has made significant improvements during the past 25years of my voting life  

Right now, my vegan and animal and environmental activism at New York State's largest private college is about the only thing I see having made ANY improvement in the past 30years of America. And even that was an unpaid position. America the atrocious. 

literally, an antennae

The old saying-- artists are the antennas o society --is literal for me today.
After 6 years of documenting the torture I endured from the USA government and Bucks County, PA and Pennsylvania and DeepState... I literally realize that my prior aural disability, and other instances of  physical debilitation are connected to this existence as a non-consensual "antennae", RF experiment and DNA experiment by the USA defense and bio-warfare researchers.

I literally am piecing together and accepting that this was an industry manipulation of my physical and spiritual body. And violations of any and nearly all documented human and civil rights by the USA. It is overwhelming. 
And I have dozens of pieces that need to be put all together. And it is more a matter of my soul overcoming this gross violation of my entire life. Rather than some path of justice and vengeful action at this point.

review of the W-912

A couple weeks ago I received the newsletter. It said some TIs are using a W-912 accupressure massage pen to find implants. I am unable to use the device above setting 3 currently.

 I ordered one on eBay from this eBay seller: jiyuus8.
 It arrived quickly on April 7th, several days ago. I gave a live review at the Sunday TI Talk meeting on April 10 hosted by UK's TI Talk Host @RoyEacups (on Twitter).

Here's the Tens unit use of the "Meridian Energy Pen User Manual"-- text from the Wochuan Acupointer user manual page 4: 
 My review and the products below are from my personal daily use and unsponsored. Since a few things are different today and I seem to be retaining the electric charge from the device I'm updating:
1. This device runs on one AA battery. -- I dislike batteries so I had to purchase some.

2. It needs gel, oil, or lotion to prevent stinging electric arc on the skin. It came with 2 travel sizes containers of a mostly evaporated blue gel that I chose not to use.
The pen I purchased has a one ball and one flat attachment head to make contact with gel/oil/lotion covered skin.

  I used my silicon free Maui Moisture Body Care Body Gelee (Aloe gel plus papaya and mango butter) and MCT oil --aka fractionated coconut oil. I had better results with the MCT Coconut oil on my face. 

3. The pen comes with a detailed booklet covering multiple styles of use for the pen. Yet all with the same basic method of turning it on to make contact with the skin.
My background is in cleansing spiritual toxins from skull points and other spiritual drainage points with photonic energy I generate naturally and sometimes amplify with a scalar pendant.  This pen device includes basic diagrams of Wochuan energy meridian points. It also explains muscle spasms from trigger points to use it as a TENS unit.
      I took the TENS instructions to be an explanation for the muscle spasms others experiences and attributed to "finding implants".
     Further online research with TENS and implants reveals that actual implants should be kept appx 8 inches away from TENS units. A TENS unit can scramble chips or move the implant to cause issues.

1. After a setting of 3, I became a noticable complete circuit (see yellow box pic from pg. 2 of the User Manual below )holding the metallic-looking plastic pen while pressing it on my skin. There is a noticeable and uncomfortable electric current that runs through the handle into the hand holding the device. This device goes to setting 0 to setting 9. I can only use it to level 3, but can hold it in one hand and no contact point to level 9. I have been unable to use it as Targeted Justice suggested.

2. This afternoon- After a few days of light use and a morning touch on my face:-- my body retained the rhythm of the electric pulse from the pen and also is sensitive when I touch metal objects. So I noticed I  discharge some of the electric current while using an all metal pot at the stove several times. And touching other objects. I am concerned about my interactions with electronics.

3. I used the device on my hands and wrists first, then my face, then shoulders, and outer earlobes, then knees and ankles.
      1. Notices areas that felt bruised under my skin with first use. Those places were on my left palm., And my forehead.  
      2. Found a point next to a mole on my shoulder that makes my shoulder blade jump vertically at level one (1) setting. I found the same point for the other shoulder blade.
      3. I feel more sensitive to RF or 5g when I drove into town. My forehead felt tension return as I approached a public library where there is also a power plant and railroad intersecting. 

The device is somewhat imprecise.  The unexpected electricity from holding the pen is my main concern. And that I feel extra electricity tingling through parts of my body and some soreness (like an invisible bruise) where I touched the device to my skin for TENS muscle bouncing.

I cannot confirm that I found any implants using this W-912 electric stimulation pen.
However, I did use the device on suspected implant areas levels 1-3. It resulted in louder clicking noises- at a spot on my skull, base of skull drainage, and outer edge of earlobes. There was no louder clicking sound at other points. I tried this several times and it did not seem to be a noise associated with electrical arcing. 
Additionally, I used level 3 at my earlobe and it caused some "earlobe" jumping though I was not wearing any earrings or jewelry.

I feel I already used it plenty in the 6 days I have had it. I have other ultrasonic devices and face massage pens collection no longer in use, and returned my scalar pendants once used to bless objects and to do spiritual energy work with photonic energy.

Transhuman Activism conflicts

Imagine having a silent yet forced conversation. Having your mind invaded and your thoughts commented on as you think. And your entire day passes while your brain is monitored remotely through a non-consensual project. This type of signals monitoring is permitted under the 1986 DoD 5240.1R surveillance manual used by all US military and intelligence branches, including drone reconnaissance on the US Public and probably for SOCOM open source intelligence:- and they were permitted to slander, defame, permanently harm, and kill their surveillance subjects-- whether consenting or non-consenting.

Many non-consenting people are speaking up about the abstract and unseen forces they experience. In some sense it's a type of Transhuman folklore. 

Some activists have proof of blood analysis, something at least. While others are tracking down IP addresses and aerial surveillance monitoring. While all of us were told my USA national security whistle blowers that this is a very real phenomena.
And while the NSA whistleblowers public outreach can help identify the source of daily issues:- working class professionals are grossly undereducated and Ill equipped to acknowledge the technologies and/or confirm their use.  Ill equipped no longer means a microscopist needs a stronger microscope. It means, they need additional personal security measures to keep their practices viable.

Many activists have some type of commonality that falls under FISA abuse and Patriot Act- a parent who worked on Satellites, a parent in US intelligence or military intelligence, others who have extended family working for Blue Chip defense companies, and foreigners and their US born children.

 Some activists show up to meetings are hypochondriacs scripting their activist personality. And some are simply sci-fi or transhuman science researchers banking a buck off to write articles and scripts from whatever technology has focus from Targeted individual activists.

It's a sickening money pit to test the public use of inconclusive forensics to be used in cases that may get thrown out by a judge- or shuffled and misplaced paperwork at certain courthouses. The frustration of real victims has been shared. And the stories are shared with the hope that maybe someone will have a better chance than those who failed at having their court case or complaint addressed.

Activist meetings are a compilation of hundreds of hours reading and researching technologies and their parameters. And presenting "of interest" technology to rule out the least plausible methods used.
How many years and how many activists does it take? 
And when an organization emerges;- they fundraise from all of these unpaid hours of activist knowledge and work tweeted and posted on sites. So long-term activists get angry with the paid government whistleblowers and things fall apart. Narcissists named organizations they create after themselves yet decline the rulebook of participation that unpaid activists abide by for show of face.

It's a topsy turvy Lord of the Flies.
And the only concrete results are laws passed that most certainly protect researchers from a reverse mob attack.

last night's dream

Last night's dream somehow nearly tore me apart emotionally. Was a totally unusual dream 
1. Jason Statham was in the dream, saying he wanted to know some animal rights people. Odd to me because he was my brother's favorite actor. And there was a strange dream segway where JS met my deceased yet embodied brother and sat next to him. Strange part of my dream.
I thought maybe it was triggered by the VW I had. And living like a local Hawaiian like KaiKai told me to do to survive shit from 2009 till 2018. One day I was stuck in traffic at the North Shore and saw someone who looked like JS. In the incoming traffic in a flame colored SUV accompanied by a person wrapped in scarves like they had just had plastic surgery. Totally rando. 

2. My deceased brother who was a big JS fan was in the dream- disoriented from his death but together enough to have JS sign the back of his Tshirt. He used to bring JS movies home to watch, and I always thought they were quite evil and violent.

3. My father got new Christmas decorations- a fake tree he put on the family piano. And I protested since we hadn't had a family Christmas since the Buddhism taking over years before my brother's death. I gave everyone Dalai Lama books that year and we all agreed to be Asian since my dad's family and community didn't even take a family pic with us. (Except real: USA Langley gunner & Iwo Jima Japanese killer Uncle Eddie who was at my earliest birthday parties.)

It was a very strange dream for me.  And there was some focal point on a tiny "suitcase" sized key for some reason.
But I started crying when I woke from this dream today. Uncertain if there is some healing for me from it. 

It's more strange than the actual real day I missed work because someone, ( a paratrooper who kindof looked like Bruce Willis ) used dim mak on the back of my heart, and I passed out for what seemed like12-14hours in Waikiki. They had their arms wrapped around me like hoping they hadn't killed me. But the skin___ker moved through my mind and used this person to harm me. Stuff that I shouldn't speak of...only I know.

Aside from KaiKai insisting on training me, which I had been thinking of before I went to sleep. All the Alpha males and being one of a few females...yet the only one who was around him daily;- I am really wiped out from Special forces using me like a live dummy wherever and whenever
I am crying because I went to Hawaii for a vacation and to Segway into family life. And got a special ops disaster. It's now way to late for that.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

One thing I learned today

Hoarders apparently are broken souls who somehow try to heal their pain with unwanted things. Somehow, they have a need for things, maybe their memories include similar things, to feel secure to continue their life. 

It seems deeply spiritual type of continuation in life since their own health by medical standards, seems to be compromised. Ie., Leaving food out to decay or dry up or to feed rats and insects and spiders.

It's deeply disturbing to see how one traatic life event can break a person's soul in such a way;- that they are blind to real help and caring.

Here is a link to the video I watched where the Humane Society also commented:

Healing from Trauma

Meditation helped me alot. Changing gears from working 80hr weeks and living near poverty and working for the environment and animals definitely was an ark for my soul. It was an outlet to do my best to make positive change in the world. 
But some things happened inmy life that made me reflect on my childhood and negative life experiences, and slow down to 1 main job and nothing pressing for activism. And then nearly everything came to a screechinf halt to make my soul reach deep into my willpower reserves and test my dedication to being vegan in ways I never dreamed were imaginable, short of living on the dust on the surface of Mars for sustainance.

Healing, I found, is only possible with quiet time in meditation. Remembering positive things of people and places where it seemed so cold and cruel. And I asked for it, I asked the universe to heal me from the suffering I endured. It appeared in a strange format that I accepted. And was brutal on my "slightly healed soul". I plummeted into every bad memory I could fathom to document, for myself, things that happened. And said or wrote what my soul needed to express that had remained in the silence of bad memories. Some words I wrote, thought, and said felt like I was hitting an invisible shield that protected the villains in my life story. And every sentence, tweet, and journal entry was a nerve wracking adventure. Since I was so uncertain how much retaliation would redirect the genuine freedom I felt. 

The rumors were that most adult survivors of childhood abuse by USA intell are on a kill list. We are to be "suicided" by state actors with their community supporters:- suicided basically is a form of manslaughter that involves conspiracy and possible murder of the victim. In other words, a coverup of an individual forced to "suicide."

There were no promises of life after healing. There still aren't. Being "blacklisted" for speaking out and writing difficult torture complaints alone didn't create new functional friendships in anything other than a new transhuman folklore of how we think nano forensics should go after many attempts and fails at describing absolutely unusual circumstances. 

And still, handling triggers of past trauma of real community abuse and human rights violations is a daily chore. Only meditation time seems to help when the external chatter from unwanted TV or media at the gym or from a traumatic TV show is turned off. 

I've learned it's one thing to see a movie knowing the synopsis ahead of time a few times a week. But it's another thing to have relatives and housemates randomly change channels on a TV, or to peel through social media fees and get triggered

I miss the quiet time I had. Truly quiet by today's standards. And I miss the structure my life had from the absence of TV and daily news. So my meditation from those years was elevated, and in appropriate temples and spiritual dojos . And I can say without that silent practice for several years away from mainland USA. I would have perished in the pandemic 2020-2021.
The USA mainland is mentally toxic and aggressive. And somehow, that needs to change.

Targeted attacks updates

In 2021, I was targeted heavily
1. Summer 2021-  My vehicle sat in the driveway most days.PA state cancelled my license plate and insurance for no particular reason and without warning. I got a $0.00 insurance bill that alerted me to the problem. Had to borrow cash to replace the UN nexpired dead tag at a notary. The notary confirmed that the tag (license plate and registration) had not expired but someone at the State access level cancelled it. And I was billed for a new tag and a new registration. I mailed in the dead tag, but never heard a response from the State.
2. A BBB designated "legitimate" tax collector sent letters to me demanding payment of local taxes. And, I sent payment to them before the end of 2021. Yesterday I received a State notice saying they never received any tax payments from me. Yet took $35 for my 2021 tax refund as an adjusted payment. 
So despite paying the Keystone tax collector:- to date in 2022- Pennsylvania has not received any of the money.
3. I received another letter a week ago from another Pennsylvania office with another keystone logo but from a PO Box in Sacremento, California address. It says someone stole my Identity and to contact them with my personal information to use their websites as credit monitoring.
I posted a pic of the letter on Facebook and was told it is a scam.
4. I was contaminated with something that nearly killed me in 2021. I had been very sick, lethargic, and unable to move after eating and my last 2021 blood donation confirmed some issue that may only be elevated D-dimer levels. They suggested I have HepB.antibodies yet it is inconclusive.
It is highly likely a CDC monitored individual contaminated me by April 2021 at my last part-time workplace.

another dismal dream

While the quality of life deteriorated through lockdown, unexpectedly, I spent many hours in meditation and prayer.
Part of what drove me to prayer was the escalation of anti-Asian hate and hate acts directed at me each day I was in public 
And the international healing  prayer group I have belonged to for many years has also held it's share of Karen's more than Kens from the USA based communities.
Yet, I reluctantly avoided much of the volunteer leadership who felt more inclined to outrightly say they hate me or they hate Japanese people within a brief introduction.
And despite writing to other volunteer leaders about the incidents that made me feel unwelcome and threatened, I had no response. It was my last refuge online and isolated from any normal social interactions for the past 2 years. 

This morning I woke from my slumber in yet another dismal dream scene. One walking through some beautiful residence with a famous Hawaiian. And stopping to see how polluted and trashed the once pristine Hawaii waters had become. The water was somewhere between NYC trash and rubbish plus Thailand's streams of brown. 
And then a scene where I was job seeking for an appropriate job for my Buddhist and Vegan soul. Yet only dark trades in alsohol and clubs were offered. Even an old college classmate appeared to tell me they have plenty of Jobs at the world xlass alcohol distribution retail store where he works just before then his own face turned blue as if he were dying from a toxic Jab. It was an unusual dream of someone I last saw a few years ago. And with a clear ATF connection due to the workplace. 

I woke to the phone ringing loudly 1st from my hometown and then immediately after from another town and the reality of police from other counties calling for fundraising.
I wondered if there was microwave or RF they directed at the house again. Last night, I had my phone battery run down after a session of activist emails, and put the phone and Bluetooth headset in an old Microwave and unplugged the WiFi router. The TV's were turned off until I finished housecleaning, near 11AM and people returned from post-op surgery checkup. Sometimes the police park nearby to use any portable RF weapons. 

After all, yesterday, I had my phone on again on my drive to town and a PD SUV passed me on my short rural drive. These Police sightings are no longer coincidence since they have targeted and covered up killing my siblings and the abductions I went through over 3 decades I lived in Bucks County, PA. 
The 20+ reports I made to the liberal Department of Justice had inconsiquential impact on my life. Rather I got the sense that they condoned pedophiles in the school employ and local governments sex assaults- on me as "an English learner". 
And today, like my childhood, I am stuck on the USA yet loathe everything about what these people are to me. I hate what these people are at a deep spiritual level.

And because my father is a white man who was USAF w6 and allegedly OSI-- my mother, was unable to fight these people and spare our lives the continued torture.
Today, I'm reaching 50years of age soon. And I have 50years of continued torture, outright discrimination, financial sabotage, and non-consensual human testing by Pennsylvania DeepState to report. Despite the painful wakeup all, I still pray for a positive time in my life where things are "FOR ME" in a positive supportive way. And I believe the USA is totally incapable of providing this for me.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Retrospect on Toxic mold AND Nano-tech

In retrospect, with so many nano-tech reporterrs showing cutting edge creations;- I've put together a different perspective of what I once called "toxic mold".yes, click on the link to find a real glimpse of the microbe toxic mold. Then start the comparison to how it doesn't look like what was in my blood.

Here's the first and one of very few pictures I have from my personal medical files that iCloud took away from me aka locked me out of my iCloud account. It looks like the Toxic Mold plushie more than the microbe. 
But it definitely has black spots like anake venom under a microscope-- indicating a biotoxin.   One of My Twitter and IG handle is @ImperialNewsJ.

I now understand that the researchers and "powers that be" use a bio-toxins such as black mold microbe (not nano), or hydras as an obvious culprit to blame for the array of symptoms and microscopic nano-crystals. However, after another hard long look at several other pictures I took of my own microscopy session-- I understand there was alot more to blame than "mother nature's bio-toxins."

Red Pill, was nothing I subscribed to in the past. But undeniably the professional reporters present so much information about these old pics Ifrom a microscopy session I had stored away as "natural biotoxin" byproducts (Especially see the gloved hand pointing below)

These pictures were "interesting areas" that lacked the black mold.  And I agreed and nodded my head along with the microscopist the whole way without researching any further that this was toxic mold cause and effect.

 But, here's my self reflection in 2021-2022:  In some pics little black dots are suspect of "malaria" attacking cells. Other nano sized black dots may be biotoxins/mycotoxins killing cells and/or graphene. I've found plenty of pics that make graphene a primary suspect, and it is highly toxic in an of itself. What a great compliment to the microbe black mold that is micro-sized and much larger than 20nm or the size of 2 red blood cells.

Clear Angular crystals also show up as micro sized (bigger than red blood cells). One of the largest crystals seems to have a z or angular S shaped nano circuit in it. 

The smallest crystal, shaped like a nano lemon and vaguely there is probably uric acid. While it's adjacent reflective lit up crystal --both surrounded by red blood cells-- is more akin to "5g" nanotech. And there is a lit up cyan-blue nano sphere or nano bead in the pic with the gloved hand. 

Now here's the thing that really bothers me about the nano Spheres/beads. Nano beads/spheres are typically used as delivery methods. And, without a prescription can contain and be coated with anything from mRNA to pharmaceuticals. Some nano beads/spheres are used to erect a type of nano-scaffolding also known as "implants" in truther lore of former CommanderJ ames Casbolt aka Michael Prince circa 2004.

Though I concur the biotoxins create a noticable level of disfunction in my body;- I also realize today that there was much much more than ONE single biotoxin in the droplets of blood I gave for analysis. Toxic mold, was hardly the only culprit. And the manmade nano-spheres are still my greatest concern due to the unknown Bio-tech weapons and uses they connotate as everything from Genetical manipulation, to chemical delivery, to nano-bots, and data transmitter stations.

dream last night

Though I slept last night, I had yet another dream with some EM look alike. 
Like a video clip again.
Clip 1:- a transportation system where I was in a starfighter looking vehicle on a set track. I asked if it is a coffin. Someone else said she bought a Tesla. Reluctantly, I sat in the vehicle while EM looked down on me. The track drove into town, and at an intersection;- another track with a vehicle appeared above me. These vehicles took up the width of the old street. But the test mode of this transport is stacked vertically. And then I was back home. And touching the places on my forehead that felt bruised from the #5g or microwave pulses.

Clip 2. Inside a huge barn like facility where EM is leading us while we follow. There are shops with tables and seating. This part is difficult to remember. Though I was mostly a bystander observing.

Clip 3.  Standing at a loading dock, there are "food trucks" that haul food to people secretly hidden. One trailer with fans, one box truck, and a personal car. Everything is dirty and dingy here. Yet for the people who live here this is an exciting thing to see. And only one question was asked of me - "how many people can fit in that" with EM motioning his attention to the box truck.

Those were the sequences I remember.
These synthetic dreams interfere with my problem solving and personal use of my dream time to solve my daily problems. 
I wake feeling violated by these "imposed" dreams. And no longer feel "included" or privy to some obscure knowledge since I learned this may be the defense department doing non-consensual brainwashing using real #5g microwave or satellite targeting.

warnings about my safety

Over the past 2 weeks I've had several warnings about my personal safety. That is in addition to the failing of my mother's health especially. And she already told me that if she does before my father, that they "DeepState" do plan to kill me.

It's very clear from my perspective that I was a mere hostage used to leverage my relatives in Japan. But that Americans intended to use my life as collateral in their unobstructed  racketeering schemes and RICO Act Violations.

There is little that I can do and am "blacklisted" from making money and keeping it without federal or other state actor interference for their personal gain.

Saturday, April 09, 2022

healing today

The irrevocable harm to my life, has been a focus of my healing for the past several years. It's born out of sheer hatred the USA has had for Japan and the Japanese. And these Americans who attack me and continue to loose any shred of trust that I one had on them-- have failed to be worthwhile.

All I can do, is focus on what is good for me. The personal lessons that I learn. Today, I attended another online meeting time for healing. And realized what a waste of my time some of the people are since they o erstated their hatred of me as a mixed-nationality, Japanese -American. And with the rise in hate crimes, aside from my vehicle being tampered with in the driveway. I am unable to justify attending any distant gathering with these people with whom I now only share online meeting space.

I am unable to see them assisting me in. The event someone sabotages my vehicle while in a beautiful park setting. The cost of my energy quickly tallies into an escape to a place with people who do are friendlier.
Yet because I am still healing from decades of USA torture and persecution, I never have set down my own roots. My heart has become weary of being fetishized and despised by American men and women since I was a toddler. 

And I wish for a "redo" in a better community for my life to be perfect to me.
Where I am successful and have genuine love in my life. Where my core values are respected and upheld and my trust in others deepens with more success.

That is still merely a fantasy life for me. 
And today, I really am forced to reconsider my time and where I use my time. To have friends, real friends is something my life lacks.

Thursday, April 07, 2022

angry today

Minorities are different than the rest of us FOB. Even if born in the USA, they say. They say Equality and push FISA 1978 a law that was derived straight from hate. Human Rights treaties ignored, forcing good families from abroad to be poor. Forced religion of a Christian cross, enforced by a racist, murderer, pedophile boss.  Then go to school at age 2 the lineup of pedophiles says we don't understand you. You an English learner, you bilingual mud. Your mom can't stop us and your dad is a scum. You should be thankful for our white cum.
From the DOJ to the preschool, elementary too. Quakertown DeepState has been making deals in a backroom. Bucks County they say is the Bildeberger's way. Their pedophiles and traffickers are here to stay. Using the system and obstructing all rights, unless they hand off money through lawsuits  protecting their knights. It's not a nation they say, the American way. There are no families or someone to protect you. They all sold out for an Xbox or two.
Scum, they keep the scum paid with RICO type crimes. Easy clean money they say, to hurt those related to foreign officials every year in every way. BUCKS county, PA is full of DeepState that paved the way over a swamp. Noone decent can reach them in an economic slump. Biotech testing on foreignwrs children too, hiding behind security of a Security agreement or two. Japanese are those they sold and killed to keep the Chinese, Koreans, and Phillipines. It's funny to them patriots. Isn't it.

Tuesday, April 05, 2022

ambient backscatter

This morning, I woke without having the mental disruption of what I generally call "v2k". The house has been innundated with frequencies 24/7 for the past 3 years I've been here. 
One microwave suspect: coming from a noisy pickup truck that parks someone on the rural county road outside. There are only 8-9 properties on this 1/2 mile of road where I live. The pickup truck's engine is noisy, and I get shielding out, which doesn't help. During their frequent nightly stops, the "moonlight farms" IP and it's related IP shows up. Almost as soon as I can screenshot the IP lists, my computer and phone are hacked-- And my screens multiply, open every app, or freeze. I'm stuck without a way to trace this nightly incident. And then the microwaves start to ping off the thin layer of shielding that covers my head. It only reduces some of the intensity of being microwaved from the street. Some days, I wonder if it's a portable LRad mounted. 

And the police- ignore my attempts to make reports. Clearly a sign that they are in compliance with the criminals. My only choice after over 2 years of continued cyber torture-- to make a weak report to the FBI. 

This is part of the daily onslaught of being a Targeted Individual in DeepState Pennsylvania. I'm cyberopped out of work. And my only options online are the ones that work. Things like Twitter. Occasional Facebook posts, are my cry for help.
And yes, life is this fragile today. Where all Cyberops have destroyed my ability to be competent in the world of WWW and internet. 

That is aside from what is called Cybertorture as a form of psychological torture. Which, today, maybe today-- I can expound upon. While I am hesitant due to my need to have "proof" of implants in my body at specific locations. And being run into the ground, and having little funds to survive on;-- it's unlikely that I will be able to produce full sets of accurate MRI, X-ray, and anything else that will show micro and nano-tech. 
Cybertorture is a new class of crime against a victim. And the forensic methods are still being established. All while I be ame a hate-crime victim of Bucks County police and local officials and their supporters.

Monday, April 04, 2022

Meeting yesterday

Yesterday, I attended an online meeting that I haven't been to since late fall of 2021.
The main reason was to help another ti who was struggling with a new zapper device that had blurry instruction photos and very badly written instructions.

After a slurry of texts and dms and email, I got the link to the meeting and forwarded it on. The online meeting known as TI Talk is run by a long-term UK activist.

Surprisingly, as I listened only planning to talk a little about the coil style zapper:- 
One newer TI speaking was from my home state of Pennsylvania. And lo and behold also only about 11miles away. Though their targeting is slightly different than what I experienced over my life in Bucks County, PA.

The stories went on and all I could do was share and confirm the police involvement in supporting and covering up criminals. And to the extent of rattling off dozens of crimes including: vehicular car tampering and running off the road, abductions, to other forms of torture that they coverup by refusing to take reports or go to the crime scene or vehicle. And that I responded to the UN about psychological torture and was retaliated on by the Bucks County, PA officials and other people and participating businesses.

And so I ran down some of year #46 for me and sharing that I had been sick and gotten confirmation early 2022 that I have Hepatitis B antibodies. So, I followed through on doing research as to how, since I knew the specifics of my work conditions in 2021, customers and a coworker.
And I found Arbutus BioPharma in my local Bucks County, PA area search results was looking to cure Hepatitis B. And after more digging found the Bucks County Bio-Tech charitable non profit for research having supported Arbutus BioPharma, a Canadian based company. The B.C. based company Arbutus BioPharma is also in litigation with Pfizer over royalties for the RNA delivery method in some of the Pandemic shots. 

I also mentioned the lockdown time when I was driving through town and saw a moving truck with stacks of silver cases being moved into a house that still had a for sale sign on it, near an elementary school. It looked like a milabs operation about to go down about a half hour before lockdown curfew. 

In any case, of course after I listened to other stories and findings; - the discussion about the zapper came up. And MWO was discussed. I was able to ask a former US Navy tech about 3D synthetic dreams. And had an reasonable answer for my question on how to block the disturbing video clips that have been ongoing throughout my life:- but that picked up pace in the past 2 weeks.

Sunday, April 03, 2022

dirty bulk turned into got bad habits

While I fell out of my high performance grain free, mostly fruit free alkaline keto vegan and detox diet:- i packed on 15lbs sheerly by using a grain based protein powder. Not a good thing.
Dirty bulking for me consisted of:
Year 1:
2-3 grain inclusive (not keto) based plant protein shakes a day over 8-9months.
Added Hummus, pinto & black beans.

Year 2:
Owch-- all the bad stuff and here is the list
1.  Ramen Noodles  with MCT (personal spice mix of soy wasabi & chili soy)
2. Ketchup - a rare item due to toxins even if organic.
3. Rice- cooked white rice makes me feel worse than ramen noodles-- go figure
4. Assortment of normal (not keto)vegan cookies- these got so addictive after going decades. These cookies melt in coffee into a sugary slather. 

Officially, I got grain-brain. It is highly addictive plant based food with alot of empty calories

And MCT oil had added about 15lbs to my normally low weight. I can still cram myself into size 4's but I have a muffin top for the first time in my life. I am, a size 6 and my once pretty face is turned into a saggy elderly person's butt. 
I have a ton of training to do, and every joint pain and old injury is sore if not painful.
I'm hoping to turn it around. Especially after daily toxicity from Both of my unhealthy and unfit parents-- who did nothing positive for my life in the past 3years after asking me to stay close to home for them.
It's brutal. And my once happy healthy routine that includes occasional french fries and an avo toasted bagel is gone

Today, 2years into pandemic fueling and sedentary lifestyle-- I am seriously in deep shit. Financially, it's a tough turn around back to my optimal health that crushed my lifelong anemia.

How to turn this around? After being veg and mainly vegan for the past 35years of my life??? And unjoining the gym due to old ken type hostilities??? I'm at wits end.
Digging out the Unbeatable Mind course I took...doesn't seem like enough.