Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Wiped out from the East Coast

Only 3 short years back in my Home State of Pennsylvania and I am doing worse than ever.
The materialistic toxicity, mass media, and racial biases clobbered my good senses along with my heart, hopes, finances, and interpersonal interactions.
The people here lack the spiritual substance I found 5000miles away on the other side of the United States. It's like a time machine rewound my modern perspective back to primordial days of humans attacking different looking groups of other humans. Yet, in 2022 the population compressed what was a civil war into en masse sized protest.

Yet my lifeline, sadly, has been cut short since returning and going through lockdown, accompanied by flight restrictions due to being unvaxxed. And so it seems  there is no information to help me available from Pennsylvania. 
A harsh difference from Hawaii where others were concerned I needed help and greatly shared stories. Here in the East Coast, being levelled and berated is a daily routine for most people to dish out. And irregardless of any corporate diversity training click through modules. 

It's become impossible to financially be uplifted when all cyber ops are designed to diminish my life. Either by the waste of time, or obstruction of communication with what I deem "appropriate" people for my life. Instead of being tossed back to the disrespectful racists who conceal all their thoughts of sabotage with social acceptance in their communities.

Shoving their religious organizations and ideology outside of my personal beliefs at me when I seek help...has become the numbing suiciding toxin of modern East Coast. No, I am no longer a Christian. And should not be forced to change my personal belief for basic human rights- food, shelter, healthcare, work. Yet I have been denied all of these things for the past several years. After being able to live in Hawaii where all my personal beliefs were actually upheld.