Tuesday, March 15, 2022

When they aren't for you as a Nisei:- are they pro Communist China?

It's March, and it's blaring that Americans aren't "for me" at any level. The pandemic proved that 💯. And it's left me wondering where to set my all new low tolerance standard will be.

Yesterday, I listened in on a Twitter Space on Geopolitics and one of the female speakers started Japan bashing. At 292 attendees and growing, another speaker set her straight about how to define who an enemy is. And my ears were grateful to hear him refer to her punk arse upbringing as or of kids (she adopted from another nation know for Neo-Nazis).

Yet none of this resonates to a level of respect for my life to move forward. Berated by so many Japan and Asia haters since Trump's election campaigns in Hawaii-- and to my move back to hometown USA in Bucks County, PA-- it's been a long weary and difficult past 6years in the USA. 

And the Wars are shaping up to show me that MOST Americans are still Anti-Japan and pro-China for cheap goods.