Wednesday, March 09, 2022

USPS and DeepState targeting

I would like to be able to write a letter and have it printed and mailed by USPS. This request is due to the surveillance by local PD and Fusion centers monitoring my whereabouts and targeting me. 
Due to the FISA and DoD 5240.1R surveillance as a discriminatory practice against Americans born to at least one foreign national parent and one US military parent:- the local police and State actors already tamper with my mail and critical financial related matters. This way they degraded my life and eroded my human rights.
They know the contents of my communication as I write them due to Surveillance monitoring. So for the local USPS (probably involved in monitoring my mail) to allow a service to mail the letter would spare me the travel, and an in person incident by Gangstalkers and privately contracted Defense employees.

In 2020-2021 they targeted me each time I printed an eBay shipping label since they do not permit home pickup for my location.
There were Gangstalkers in town, following and obstructing my driving from in front of me. In 2022 I learned eBay allows printing of the label from the USPS. And this eased the immediate targeting on days I left the house. I limited days I left the house to 1 or 2 days because of death threats attempts on my life including bodily harm since Spring of 2021.

My human rights and freedom is limited here. And the local library also participates in targeting when I print letters. The local Staples also seems to be accessible to perpetrators:- noting additional charges from printing during the closed New Year's Day. It appears the local perpetrators printed 3-4 additional copies of my affidavit on January 1st-Jan 3rd 2021.  After I paid and sent an affidavit to a civil rights group in 2020.

The psychological damages are also making my life tedious.