Thursday, March 24, 2022

This issue about my "religion"

More about this Bruno Groening group and why I've remained in it. The reasons are moreso in the reading materials, name the "book table" books made available at live community hours. Since I had to socially isolate to avoid food during my biotoxin healing-- I read most of the books. Except those with a yellow cover.

  Though I had resigned as a writing helper due to Karens attacking me. And some anger directed at me (for overstepping the community leader) after being asked to search for a new meeting place.

1. To me, it wasn't church. Yet is God focused for my healing. 
2. There are books available to read, and I read most of them that were available in Hawaii while I was going through biotoxin detoxing alone, at the park or the beach.
3. I agreed with the possibility to heal without pharmaceuticals and the fight that started with the big pharma companies of WW2. Especially since my mixed genetics predispose me to toxicity side effects more so than the benefits.
4. I thought of it as a diverse world group.
Despite the huge differences in national origins of Americans on the mainland being predominantly European. There are communities in continents and countries world wide.
5.  Despite Bruno Groening being a former Nazi;- I learned that he was persecuted by the Nazi party for healing without a license. And this seems to me to be a form of prayer and meditation. Much like self healing guided books say to do on a 21 day cycle. And include a written portion after a healing happens.

To me, after praying and participating for a few months at a time up to decade or more meditating or light giving in Japanese,  Tibetan, Vegan, New age, Master healers, Krishna traditions... I found this to take the least time when I had a busy daily schedule and focused on my learning and financially surviving being decimated with biotoxin. Meaning I've had to throw away so much of what I had or give away major objects with the hope to move forward.

I followed in Hawaii community because there were also so many different lightworkers from many different backgrounds. And so many people shared their personal insights and positive mindset. This was interesting to me. 
However my mainland experience with the group is quite different. Especially since I have never met a mainland friend in person. And ALL of the interactions have been online, weekly if not daily since the pandemic. Much different and lonely than the in-person community hours Iheld 1x every 21 days in Hawaii.