Monday, March 14, 2022

The stove issues.

Between 07:14_07:21 this morning;- I washed and changed the cat's water bowl after his meowing for 15min. 
Normal Sunday -Monday routine for him.
My parents don't clean his fountain bowl properly and insist on keeping it in a high traffic area. So, it gets thick biofilm quickly
Most times I clean the fountainbowl and they are home they are triggered to go into violent rage. This morning no different.
My mother is cooking chicken in a pot on the stove. She started screaming at me that I ruined the hood of their stove that she claims is 2years old. 
She took her fingernail to the hood and scraped away the paint that is covered with grease stains. The fan is off and the steam from the 5qt pot cooking is covering the area where the paint peeled. 
She's in a violent rage and then went to physically attack me.
The last time I tried to clean the range hood was 2weeks ago. And she asked me to clean the fan, etc due to grease buildup.
One day in Nov.2021 I put about 5hrs into cleaning the blackened oven. And the stovetop is an issue because she literally forgets she's cooking and leaves the house. And same with the fireplace being unattended or sometimes she raised the temperature of it quickly to near 425F.
The cat, frequently alerts me to problems since the air quality changes. 
Things are very bad here for me since they 1. Refuse to fill out paperwork with the state for me to be paid something to help.
2. Have no ability to allow me to work from the house and teach piano online, or do anything else.

I do need to leave since they are waiting to sue me for any income I do manage to bring in. It's been a completely disfunctional living situation for me. And I can't help them financially due to their control and abuse issues that make me an undesirable employee, aside from being Japanese-American and having a mentally distraught elderly immigrant mother.