Sunday, March 27, 2022

the frequency

Listening to American voices, there's a shallow competition going on the sound waves. Most of it is those who instill a frequency and sense of urgency, fear reaction, and negative criticism or the complete void of compassion and caring.
Do you remember what that is?

Do you remember what it's like to have someone who genuinely senses how you feel and would rush to your rescue from suicidal thoughts?

This lack of compassion is prevalent among Americans. 
Many people bludgeon themselves attempting to climb the financial ladder. And over the years they become completely detached from caring about their family.
It's a repeat story that filled the voids of airspace with demonic frequencies.

Much like the ionic disruption caused by black goo oil schist, the negative vibrations from Mainstream media cycled to a new high. There is some space for positive spiritual change and balance. But many people attenuate their focus on actual minerals and gemstones to clear the negative frequencies. They remain absent of feeling through calloused walls of spiritual food buildup. And it takes time to soften the soul, a feat for those who can genuinely believe and entrust their physical well being with God's grace.

Most Americans, are incapable of unwinding from the criticisms. And this hardened  bardo I wake to each day, is illusory and impermanence rules the focus of my spiritual journey. I am sharing these frequencies each day I wake, and the more I reach to God, the more darkness swarms me the following day.
It's become a vessel filled with particles that must be charged with positive energies of love and compassion. No matter how toxic the substance.