Tuesday, March 29, 2022

synthetic dream 03/29

Synthetic dream scene... (Not remote viewing) 

1. I saw 2 people fully clothed with head coverings. One of them was tall and thin, wearing a grey &natural colored dress with a scarf loosely wrapped around her head. The tall person walked at the right side of a smaller obviously male built guy, who had a blue tarp like hood over their head. They approached a door to a home or office. The door was at the end of a walkway (different style than a center places front door.)

2. The tall figure was baldish, without discernable features of being male or female. And sitting at a long table (plastic buffet type) as if there were some audition:- they said to me "you need to loose weight's.

3. The next scene I was in a South Pacific style seated bath next to a skinny and non muscular white male who was seated in the shallow bath with several limp white human bodies lined up along the left side. 
And I received the thought "you're sexy". And when I looked down at my body, it was darker than I have ever been in my life. And my abs and legs' length were definitely not how I look. 

It seems this synthetic dream is  a form of subliminal brain washing. And it occured before 10:26PM on the 28th. Yesterday, my mother also had X-rays taken of her skull due to problems with her vision. And returned complaining of extreme dizziness and bright lights from the x-ray. 
In the past, "DeepState" used my father (who claimed he is a veteran USAF OSI w6officer) as a handler for me and her. So in the past my JApanese mother was subjected to experimental surgeries that left her with disabilities, hyperviolence after the cervical spine surgery, and severe trauma. I believe this is linked directly to the DoD 5240.1R human experimentation surveillance methods from the 1980s. 
My mother was a Japanese citizen at the time the torture began. 
Since the UN torture allegation includes a parent who was/is a state actor of the government;- and also allows the children of the state actor to make claims. All of the known and unknown atrocities that occured to my mother, sister, brother affected my well being and life deeply.
And since a parent can participate in "their own torture" I believe this applies to my mother and my father is some instances.
So my story is rather Kafkaesque.
And It is my real life experience.