Monday, March 21, 2022

life changes

Reading up on what to get rid of that makes a woman look old--
And that Coco Chanel saying about jewelry comes to mind-- keeping fun jewelry sets for beach party photos is something I can't erase from my mind. 

Yet having a watch, and being criticized for not wearing a watch since I was in my 20s is definitely a pet peeve as a classical pianist and former rock climber and adventure guide.

Some accessories...just don't work for me. And a watch that can't sustain impact is one of them. Countless watches have been defective while working as a catering and bartender manager. Yet one day long long ago at a PGA old Samsung survived a drop in the watery ice bucket.
And that is a truth that dry rice has continued to justify my no watch phone time only policy since the turn of the millennium.

Between Cracked watch faces and jewelry thieves of all sexes and species make having any watch a temporary item in my life. And the hassle for a watch in the $150-500 range is too much. Even the ceramic watch craze of five years ago made me realize the watch is better of with a child.
Thats the truth of my no watch phenomena. And the real reason behind my scant jewelry collection.