Wednesday, March 09, 2022

if anyone can/will help me

Today, I left this review for Planet Fitness in Quakertown, PA. I am posting it due to the history of white supremacy groups in the local area. And due to attacks to me, and my 2 deceased siblings. We are mixed-race 1st generation Japanese-Americans who would have had beautiful lives as "haafu" in Japan. Our father was a USAF officer.

Instead, my family fell pray to USA white domestic terrorism AND Anti-Asian sentiment since 9/11.
I paid for 11mos and annual fee despite feeling unsafe by the 3rd or 4th month.
 Here's my review:

The member who harassed me.was not someone I know. And being told to accept his white privilege slave mentality of telling me what to do while I was on the treadmill, working out was extremely uncomfortable. 
Though I keep my life to myself, this incident got back to my 70+ year old mother who was upset.

I would appreciate a refund since I don't feel that the harassment and employees siding with this member (socially) was warranted. He was rude, intended to harass me, and was very obviously angry and hostile after the incident.

I felt very uncomfortable at this location, in my Hometown USA as an Asian-American during the pandemic. It added to the PTS of other random attacks by people in the community as Anti-Asian hate incidents.