Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Bucks County murdered my family

Conspiracy theorists and NSA whistleblowers drew my attention to DeepState and MKultra conspiracy theories in 2015. Over the past 6years of my personal research into the "persecution" and discrimination I, my late brother, my late sister faced as the only children of a Japanese national mother who moved to Bucks County, PA from Japan. The whistleblowers presented me with the lengthy international torture affidavit put out by a Stop007.org campaigner and in 2021 announced that she is the current wife of Bill Binney, former director of the NSA.
Though I took over 3 years to wade through my life filled with traumatic events from what had previously been considered "anti-Japanese hate crimes" of the highly racist Bucks County, PA community. Today, it is very clear to me, as a survivor of this ongoing U.S.A. intelligence torture operation:- that this was and is a doctrine of torture followed by many Bucks County, Pennsylvania officials, law enforcement, school teachers, church administrators, attorneys, and anyone else who has been coaxed into the operation to execute my life quietly as "suicided" Japanese-Americans. And the worst part of it, for me to understand as an adult:- is that my USA father a Pennsylvania USAF veteran and nephew to an Uncle who was a gunner aboard the USA Langley with 2 silver stars from his mass murders of Japanese at Iwo Jima, Pearl Harbor, and missions in n China.

Due to the lack of care for my physical and emotional well being, and the financial abuse of my identity by my father and/or his colleagues, friends and attorneys. I consider the international legal term of his role in my life to be more applicable as a "State Actor" and agent. Rather than a father, defined by normal legal terms. And the use of the "family" property and home as a torture chamber where I was easily isolated from others.

In 2022, we know the DeepState is prolific in Pennsylvania. And so, to call it  "simple hate crimes" with broken bones, disfigured face, wrecked vehicles, experimental surgeries, embezzlement, forgery, and multiple assaults; physical, sexual, and chemical.

The contents of this blog are to reveal the ongoing torture I survive in the United States Mainland. And that I was denied my choice of nationality, freedom to speak with my mother and relatives without physical torture at home, in school, at church, and being abducted :;- ongoing since elementary school. And that the businesses I "consulted for" as an office employee and piano faculty assisted perpetrators in coordinating conditions to abduct, assault, and potentially kill me and my late brother from 08/2000-01/2009.

I assert that the torture and operations are ongoing, and with new government officials and community members who participate.