Saturday, March 26, 2022

being the "token" minority

As a kid isolated from other kids like me meant that my mom arranged alot of play dates. It was probably fun for her to engage with parents, but it was horrible for me as the one and only Japanese kid in school.
My mom, had good intentions for me as she tried to follow good parenting of the time. But, It wasn't a time geared towards diversity in the community where I lived and spent 2/3 of my life.
And it never improved. Especially when I was sent to "work" and learn the lessons of life by my tweens. Easy stuff that would make any LA trust fund baby cringe in horror:- my USA dad taking me to my US side white  grandmother's home to mow her lawn. I'd get a popsicle or something from the candy store. We never had Christmas or holiday photos together. And since it was weekends, I didn't make any close friends. 
Later on, I watched the neighbors' horses, cats, dogs, and more or less house sat for a cheap price. 
But again, I was totally on my own. Not something that would happen today.
The work lessons were fine. I never babysat. But I did start teaching 30min piano lessons by my sophomore year of high school. Until I progressed to being on a payroll at a local state park poolside  concession stand. And it was ok, except for the lessons I wasn't able to handle. And most of those were from adult men. 
I won't say it's a good place for a child like me to be, handling adult sexual advances and comments. Especially during the years before college and university applications.
And it's not prideful to look back on attracting this attention at all. Especially when one day you look back at life and see how the hurt and callouses built up. And the cost of having those early job credentials are what kept my net worth and self worth in the gutter decades afterwards. There's simply no reason to have these early workplace experiences as a minority. Especially when noone else around you respects you as anything besides an easy target passed off as a fetish.

Always seeking some safety and security is a tradeoff to having an income. Word gets around quickly when parents don't react. And some parents attorneys, like mine were pedophile debauches whose names match up to others on the official DeepState list.
What it means, it means the attorneys are predatory on the family. And parents resources are threatened repeatedly. Though, these predators will attack the children well into adulthood to drain the resources of a minority Loving Day family like mine. Mixed race haafu in Japan make money. Yet stuck here and downtrodden by city clients and visitors is degrading for decades. And the networks never dissapate. They always share their stories of debauchery of teenagers and exclude us from having families of our own. That is aside from dismantling our life plans every step of the way. The criminality of these men and women never fades, and is resurrected and repeated by subsequent generations. I will always be an outsider here. It's not my community, it a community that is full of predatory traffickers who destroyed my family.

I will never advocate for child labor. It is damaging for a lifetime.