Thursday, March 24, 2022

API HAPA attacked because of white leadership

As a mixed-race person who is on NLY understood by other HAPA Asia Pacific Islanders and those from my Mother's Japanese prefecture, I have taken a large battery ok f psychological abuse from the "non-mixed race collective" of humans in the USA especially. 

I have endured decades of being scared silent because of upsetting the selfish "all one race" of  white privledged, or African-Americans, or Hispanics, or Asians.
It's quite a broad battle to fight alone, isolated from other HAPA people, many of whom are adult children of military marriages to foreign wives or Hawaiians from well before the USA occupied Hawaii.

I can say that the United States people largely do not respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with culture, religion, and family values across national borders. Not only is freedom of religion stated in the U.S. Constitution, but it is meant for those of us with foreign beliefs to have safety. Instead many USA based religious organizations are a cats paw for the Intelligence Community. 

And I'm n Hawaii, where I was invited to and joined a German based group:- through an African-American drummer and lead by an Argentinian-American leader, I realize today that they are the friendly minorities of the group. And though I belonged for the refreshing classical music meditation and spiritual prayers for healing, I was and still am barraged with hatred because the German Mystic Bruno Groening had served in Germany during WW2. So as a mixed race person, the typical Loud mouthed angry and sometimes alcoholic racists attack me 1. For being a mixed race Asian-American minority and 2. Because the mystic himself was a Nazi.
Yes, I said it. I am attacked because of a Dead former Nazi. The hatred and rationality of the Karens and Kens in America is ridiculous to me. Though I suppose it has some rational bias in their minds. I simply view it as the "international" version of a similar White privledged and racist Lutheran group that I was baptized into in infancy. 

The Christian people of the USA uphold their own version of white privilege and neo-nazism as we see the attacks and fights escalate since Trump took office.
And it ironically, has a similar timing to when I first was introduced to the rebound prayer group.

Yet because of the rift and health complications I face, I am still dragged into situations without others of my generation or similar national origins or ethnicity around me. I am constantly chased by US State actors (meaning a government based attack) out of my personal belief system and forced into situations that are politically volitile as a read for other people.

I'm writing this as it is a continued violation of my human rights. And the 🕊️ peace I desire in my life has been stripped away. This I have no family or children of my own, barely any remnant of a career, and it definitely lacks an element of fun. That is fun in the sense that I have options to select from, instead of the ongoing contortion of my personal intentions by cIa or Intelligence operations.

Enough is enough.

Especially during a time