Thursday, March 31, 2022

spruce tree fallen- uses

This morning, I woke to a bundle of lengthy spruce branches I trimmed. Yesterday I  safely incinerated the needles and had an aromatic Spruce incense bath lasting 2hours. And I left plenty of thicker sticks  and selected long boughs for walking sticks. Seems a waste to incinerate the 25+year old wood. And I have to use the app to see if it counts rings.
unscraped (left), scraped on (right).
Over the fire, I took 7 sticks about 50"long  and blackened them over the fire. Messy to my hands yet I burned off the charred bark and lichen and tiny twiggy areas. Then plunged the ends into the hot ash for an added effect.  Call me Lazy or my personalization...take your pick 
And leaving them outdoors to season a bit longer before I scrape and sand them.

After lengthy web searches, the spruce takes a beating from reviews. So I'm making a box (or two) of aromatic Spruce meditation wood to add to the usual pre-purchased wood for a meditation time fire.
This wood burns quickly, yet the spiritual incense is a refreshing aroma. 

Yesterday I remembered a holiday from childhood at my neighbor's. When my dad protested the addition of evergreen logs to the fire. While my godfather replied, I like the smell of it and we clean the chimney anyway. This type of "Christmas tree" wood ignites and heats quickly. And it can add to and ignite  creasote in the chimney.

But, I thought to myself, as a hiking stick it is fine. And thinking back to musical uses really feel in tune with the vibrations that will resonate with this spruce hiking stick, for prayers and positivity. 

And as I see the 1"-3" diameter of a 30yr old spruce (I have to count the rings yet)-- I think it will compare to be stronger than a similar diameter tree limb of a younger 5-15year old tree. So, away to scraping I go.
This was after all, our old Christmas tree that fell on my late brother's birthday after a 50mph wind gust. 

Believe it or not I prayed that this tree would come down without disrupting my heart. My parents "help" has been posing as my late brother and so much toxicity from my parents who call him their son.
The pandemic has been horrendous, along with the racist parents I have. So for me, this tree falling is a heartwish that was honored. I prayed that it come down safely and without this "helper". So when I saw it had fallen during the windstorm, I was quite ecstatic. At over 30feet, the supple top was just dangling 4" over the road landing next to the mailbox. And my trusty tree trimmers were able to trim it to clear the roadway.

After an IG post, someone stopped by and without asking took over 1/2 of the tree top (leaving the branches behind). If I hadn't prayed on it, I would have run outside yelling. Especially since board feet are pricey today. $300+ a cord of (hard) wood on average. And he beat my elderly father to it, though exchanged words with him about having an outdoor greenhouse furnace for 15feet of solid spruce.

My dad, in poor health, had his tractor to push the tree. But all of it went perfectly from my point of view (POV). All completed on my brother's birthday, a day that we usually took down Christmas decorations in February. I really felt this was a huge blessing. And I am hoping to have what I would like from the remaining tree trunk.
Will see. 

Right now, I am happy to have my heartwish filled. My father and mother both hate the healing group "figurehead" despite it being an international group in many nations with a diversity of people on most every continent. So, without mentioning the name, it was through doing "Einstillen" that I feel I received this heartwish. 

So having a hiking stick as a piece of my past is also heartwarming to me.

7:25pm update... Help today:  Yesterday I had the ash can near 3/4 full of spruce ash and was wondering how to empty it. So, the March winds alerted me to the ash can. And thinking something was burning and leaving a smoke trail in it, I ran to check on it-- wondering why it was left unattended. It was literally so windy that about half of the spruce ash had blown out of it, leaving a strange thin cloud of white ash streaming out of it. It wasn't the billowing smoke of foliage and green branches. I am so grateful for this help. And it should help the lawn grow in greener too.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

alkaline foods

Missing the fresh 365-366 days a year fresh veggies. My usual breakfast, raw alkaline salads for lunch and dinner with raw almonds and protein shakes in between. Rethinking my survival food after seeing scenes in the Ukraine:
1. Alkaline preferred vegan (pea) Protein at 52g a day and chlorophyll to process it.
2. Water 3liters a day
3. Psychology Food that is "comfort" but an occasional food I usually have infrequently.

synthetic dream 03/29

Synthetic dream scene... (Not remote viewing) 

1. I saw 2 people fully clothed with head coverings. One of them was tall and thin, wearing a grey &natural colored dress with a scarf loosely wrapped around her head. The tall person walked at the right side of a smaller obviously male built guy, who had a blue tarp like hood over their head. They approached a door to a home or office. The door was at the end of a walkway (different style than a center places front door.)

2. The tall figure was baldish, without discernable features of being male or female. And sitting at a long table (plastic buffet type) as if there were some audition:- they said to me "you need to loose weight's.

3. The next scene I was in a South Pacific style seated bath next to a skinny and non muscular white male who was seated in the shallow bath with several limp white human bodies lined up along the left side. 
And I received the thought "you're sexy". And when I looked down at my body, it was darker than I have ever been in my life. And my abs and legs' length were definitely not how I look. 

It seems this synthetic dream is  a form of subliminal brain washing. And it occured before 10:26PM on the 28th. Yesterday, my mother also had X-rays taken of her skull due to problems with her vision. And returned complaining of extreme dizziness and bright lights from the x-ray. 
In the past, "DeepState" used my father (who claimed he is a veteran USAF OSI w6officer) as a handler for me and her. So in the past my JApanese mother was subjected to experimental surgeries that left her with disabilities, hyperviolence after the cervical spine surgery, and severe trauma. I believe this is linked directly to the DoD 5240.1R human experimentation surveillance methods from the 1980s. 
My mother was a Japanese citizen at the time the torture began. 
Since the UN torture allegation includes a parent who was/is a state actor of the government;- and also allows the children of the state actor to make claims. All of the known and unknown atrocities that occured to my mother, sister, brother affected my well being and life deeply.
And since a parent can participate in "their own torture" I believe this applies to my mother and my father is some instances.
So my story is rather Kafkaesque.
And It is my real life experience.

Monday, March 28, 2022

missing heart connecrion

My life in the USA female has been practically devoid of protection for any heart connection. Though in Japan and Hawaii, I could feel more of that heart connection. 
What I am speaking of is a "quantum" spiritual connection that transcends socio-political unity on agenda ie., Veganism, animal liberations, environmental issues.
A Heart Connection is the "missing link" to personal intimate relationships. And what I mean by this, is that there is a clear sixth sense between you and those around you.
It's shown in a worried phone call before someone near you unexpectedly goes into a frenzy. Or, someone returning to your door after leaving when they sense your agony and grief. Sometimes it's felt when you give someone a hug after knowing them for years. 

This type of connection is non-existent for me on the mainland USA. And it speaks volumes to the American standards of lust and exploitation of Asian women. Being impersonal has it's limits, and it is not safe when it is the only interaction with those in your community for years. Yet neither is becoming a trophy API (HAPA)fetish for men to defend or pass around while they sever and abuse any friendships the woman had. And sex assault is a tool for these men to "one up it" and hurt any heart connection a serious intimate partner (for marriage in US terms) has. For me, many of the assailants walked away from punishment, while my spirit and security were destroyed. 
And Americans (I mean state actors and Intel agents) who use the "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger" addage repeated these offenses throughout my life. Iow., Even with their impunity, my only defense is to write another hopeless letter to the UN about how my life has been obstructed from any normal path. 

Ironically, the UN is overwhelmed with complaints from the world's citizens and is ineffective at any enforcement in member states like the USA. 
It makes the United States that I have experienced, worse than any communist regime. The impunity is stacked with Nazi-era values that overshadow my life as a mixed-race individual of Japanese and American heritage. And the heart connections I have, still remain with me despite the I'll actions of state actors who intentionally intended to torture me further.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

the frequency

Listening to American voices, there's a shallow competition going on the sound waves. Most of it is those who instill a frequency and sense of urgency, fear reaction, and negative criticism or the complete void of compassion and caring.
Do you remember what that is?

Do you remember what it's like to have someone who genuinely senses how you feel and would rush to your rescue from suicidal thoughts?

This lack of compassion is prevalent among Americans. 
Many people bludgeon themselves attempting to climb the financial ladder. And over the years they become completely detached from caring about their family.
It's a repeat story that filled the voids of airspace with demonic frequencies.

Much like the ionic disruption caused by black goo oil schist, the negative vibrations from Mainstream media cycled to a new high. There is some space for positive spiritual change and balance. But many people attenuate their focus on actual minerals and gemstones to clear the negative frequencies. They remain absent of feeling through calloused walls of spiritual food buildup. And it takes time to soften the soul, a feat for those who can genuinely believe and entrust their physical well being with God's grace.

Most Americans, are incapable of unwinding from the criticisms. And this hardened  bardo I wake to each day, is illusory and impermanence rules the focus of my spiritual journey. I am sharing these frequencies each day I wake, and the more I reach to God, the more darkness swarms me the following day.
It's become a vessel filled with particles that must be charged with positive energies of love and compassion. No matter how toxic the substance.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

being the "token" minority

As a kid isolated from other kids like me meant that my mom arranged alot of play dates. It was probably fun for her to engage with parents, but it was horrible for me as the one and only Japanese kid in school.
My mom, had good intentions for me as she tried to follow good parenting of the time. But, It wasn't a time geared towards diversity in the community where I lived and spent 2/3 of my life.
And it never improved. Especially when I was sent to "work" and learn the lessons of life by my tweens. Easy stuff that would make any LA trust fund baby cringe in horror:- my USA dad taking me to my US side white  grandmother's home to mow her lawn. I'd get a popsicle or something from the candy store. We never had Christmas or holiday photos together. And since it was weekends, I didn't make any close friends. 
Later on, I watched the neighbors' horses, cats, dogs, and more or less house sat for a cheap price. 
But again, I was totally on my own. Not something that would happen today.
The work lessons were fine. I never babysat. But I did start teaching 30min piano lessons by my sophomore year of high school. Until I progressed to being on a payroll at a local state park poolside  concession stand. And it was ok, except for the lessons I wasn't able to handle. And most of those were from adult men. 
I won't say it's a good place for a child like me to be, handling adult sexual advances and comments. Especially during the years before college and university applications.
And it's not prideful to look back on attracting this attention at all. Especially when one day you look back at life and see how the hurt and callouses built up. And the cost of having those early job credentials are what kept my net worth and self worth in the gutter decades afterwards. There's simply no reason to have these early workplace experiences as a minority. Especially when noone else around you respects you as anything besides an easy target passed off as a fetish.

Always seeking some safety and security is a tradeoff to having an income. Word gets around quickly when parents don't react. And some parents attorneys, like mine were pedophile debauches whose names match up to others on the official DeepState list.
What it means, it means the attorneys are predatory on the family. And parents resources are threatened repeatedly. Though, these predators will attack the children well into adulthood to drain the resources of a minority Loving Day family like mine. Mixed race haafu in Japan make money. Yet stuck here and downtrodden by city clients and visitors is degrading for decades. And the networks never dissapate. They always share their stories of debauchery of teenagers and exclude us from having families of our own. That is aside from dismantling our life plans every step of the way. The criminality of these men and women never fades, and is resurrected and repeated by subsequent generations. I will always be an outsider here. It's not my community, it a community that is full of predatory traffickers who destroyed my family.

I will never advocate for child labor. It is damaging for a lifetime.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Dream log

Waking from a dream to the sound of a spring thunderstorm. The dream was abnormal for me. Like a synthetic dream in 3d. 
It began with my life of the ocean.
And a person on a large life raft.
Who was watching the water crash into a deep ocean scene with a few people in the water. One lone surfer sitting on a board, had a smooth incoming wave that concealed a very large grey shark like (whale shark) creature many whose closed mouth was many times larger than the man. The man on his surfboard looked our way in horror. 

And the scene changed to a small island. With an arch made of 3 tree trunks and an earthen box-like shelter. One small childlike man with a cleaned gunshot wound to his abdomen. And a dead soldier in uniform. I gave light to the man's wound and focused light with strong intention to draw the bullet and any metals out of the wound. This would remain with one more light treatment for a day or two. Until charcoal was made. I asked God for the person to heal. And, to forgive him any of his sins. He happened to look like Putin, yet seemed like a young boy. 

There was nothing there to support life. It was like exile, or an abandoned military post station. I imagined this was in the Kurils since the sky was chalky grey, and the water looked equally cold and uninviting.

So, i asked God to send food. And a large frond of seakelp appeared in the ocean, as if most of a stalk had broken off.
I took this and hung it to dry. And after taking the wooden arch down, needed some way to start a fire. Without an axe The plan is to burn the wood into smaller sections. So setting fire to it from the middle to make it manageable. 
And lacking a way to start fire, I focused on making the light energy from my hand to start this fire.
Also, for no apparent reason, a beached baby whale appeared on the shore. And I dug a deep trench with my hands so the whale had water from the sea around their body. The whale still needed a deep hole of water to take the weight off their structure.
And a way back to the ocean.
And gathered kindling of plant fibers to dry for the fire. It would take 2-5days for this to be used.
Returning to the wounded man, I blessed the charcoal from the chi fire I started. And to pray on it to be used to keep the wound clean.

The sea kelp made me quite happy, since I need minerals for my diet. And this plant offered me that which I need without killing animals. Yet upon cleaning the plant while wet, I found several live snails and shrimp.
So these life forms need water to thrive in. And I made small pools of water on some crater like sea stones and shells and placed the snails there.
Sadly, this man needs protein to recover, so I offered him a leaf of the kelp with live shrimp and snails, I never touched the (shrimp) prawns with my hands since I am very allergic to this crustacean shellfish. I used leafs of seaweed to wrap the live shrimp/prawns in order to move them.
I told him he could make a soup of them, though in reflection this is a compromise of my spirituality I must contend with as a vegan. But we still needed fresh water. And that he should only eat 1 at a time with some of the green kelp seaweed. The green part helps the body use the protein efficiently, and only 1-2 snail worth of protein (like 1 escargot) is needed in one meal. After some of the wood burned, I would make bowls if we could not find big seashells to use as spoons and bowls. Snails are hermaphrodites and their body contains their sentient brain. They reproduce quickly in one month.

I thought about the baby whale surviving somehow. And was uncertain if this man would help me return the whale to the sea.
I imagined a repeat of some primal tribes using this beautiful baby animal for survival and fishing hooks instead of helping them to the sea. And knowing we saw the large  shark creature in the sea. Made me happy this baby whale was alive.
In this unfriendly climate, I can only ask God for help. And with positive energy, hope that nature senses my intentions. And by returning the baby whale to the sea, still many times bigger than me. That nature would know my intentions and bestow grace and ease of travel on me. And In this dream I wished for my seeds to be seen in my clothing. And I said, this is why. This is why our ancestors took seeds with them to plant on their journeys. 

Here is where the dream splits into multi-verse of realities. Where release of the whale brings the aid of seabirds entangled in a net with a backpack of helpful tools. Or where the death and use of the whale becomes is the finite resources with a suffering period of nothing for punishment. And by returning the baby whale to the sea, an abandoned boat with fuel appears in the nearby sea after a larger whale appeared and breached the days before.

Praying, with God, I ask nature for grace and healing. And for the past sins of all of my relatives who killed humans and animals in war and for food to be cleansed.
In Japanese cultures, they say my karma is heavy from my ancestors. And my karma may have become heavier for normal people to handle because my mother married to her enemies nation that killed so many Japanese. This is quite different as a Japanese Buddhist with ancestral worship than to live Tibetan Buddhist and to be unattached to karmic debts of ancestral worship. 
Yet my Christian Lutheran upbringing taught me I would not reincarnate and can ask God's forgiveness before turning into nothingness.
My light giving practice and connection to God, I feel is stronger. As I asked in the Dreamworld to forgive this man who appeared injured with the thought "it is only skin" and I woke to Tengri the God of my ancient Siberian ancestors as I muttered some words of a thunderstorm blessing in Hebrew.
This is how my spirit world is. I am diverse in my ancestry across Indigenous Siberia, East Asia, and Asia to Europe, and America. That is too much religious practice as a human. And so, I only have my heart, my compassion. And thoughts of acknowledgement.

What is the multiverse today? What is our faith and intention to be with the world. And what options are presented to us, when we offer our assistance to those injured?

Yet what happens when life is good for those who believe in killing? Can we say that they do not experience God's bounty when they kill a creature such as a whale? 
Maybe it is not their nature to have such a frequency that supports life in the same way. And maybe today, in today's modern world we now have those options.

This issue about my "religion"

More about this Bruno Groening group and why I've remained in it. The reasons are moreso in the reading materials, name the "book table" books made available at live community hours. Since I had to socially isolate to avoid food during my biotoxin healing-- I read most of the books. Except those with a yellow cover.

  Though I had resigned as a writing helper due to Karens attacking me. And some anger directed at me (for overstepping the community leader) after being asked to search for a new meeting place.

1. To me, it wasn't church. Yet is God focused for my healing. 
2. There are books available to read, and I read most of them that were available in Hawaii while I was going through biotoxin detoxing alone, at the park or the beach.
3. I agreed with the possibility to heal without pharmaceuticals and the fight that started with the big pharma companies of WW2. Especially since my mixed genetics predispose me to toxicity side effects more so than the benefits.
4. I thought of it as a diverse world group.
Despite the huge differences in national origins of Americans on the mainland being predominantly European. There are communities in continents and countries world wide.
5.  Despite Bruno Groening being a former Nazi;- I learned that he was persecuted by the Nazi party for healing without a license. And this seems to me to be a form of prayer and meditation. Much like self healing guided books say to do on a 21 day cycle. And include a written portion after a healing happens.

To me, after praying and participating for a few months at a time up to decade or more meditating or light giving in Japanese,  Tibetan, Vegan, New age, Master healers, Krishna traditions... I found this to take the least time when I had a busy daily schedule and focused on my learning and financially surviving being decimated with biotoxin. Meaning I've had to throw away so much of what I had or give away major objects with the hope to move forward.

I followed in Hawaii community because there were also so many different lightworkers from many different backgrounds. And so many people shared their personal insights and positive mindset. This was interesting to me. 
However my mainland experience with the group is quite different. Especially since I have never met a mainland friend in person. And ALL of the interactions have been online, weekly if not daily since the pandemic. Much different and lonely than the in-person community hours Iheld 1x every 21 days in Hawaii. 

API HAPA attacked because of white leadership

As a mixed-race person who is on NLY understood by other HAPA Asia Pacific Islanders and those from my Mother's Japanese prefecture, I have taken a large battery ok f psychological abuse from the "non-mixed race collective" of humans in the USA especially. 

I have endured decades of being scared silent because of upsetting the selfish "all one race" of  white privledged, or African-Americans, or Hispanics, or Asians.
It's quite a broad battle to fight alone, isolated from other HAPA people, many of whom are adult children of military marriages to foreign wives or Hawaiians from well before the USA occupied Hawaii.

I can say that the United States people largely do not respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with culture, religion, and family values across national borders. Not only is freedom of religion stated in the U.S. Constitution, but it is meant for those of us with foreign beliefs to have safety. Instead many USA based religious organizations are a cats paw for the Intelligence Community. 

And I'm n Hawaii, where I was invited to and joined a German based group:- through an African-American drummer and lead by an Argentinian-American leader, I realize today that they are the friendly minorities of the group. And though I belonged for the refreshing classical music meditation and spiritual prayers for healing, I was and still am barraged with hatred because the German Mystic Bruno Groening had served in Germany during WW2. So as a mixed race person, the typical Loud mouthed angry and sometimes alcoholic racists attack me 1. For being a mixed race Asian-American minority and 2. Because the mystic himself was a Nazi.
Yes, I said it. I am attacked because of a Dead former Nazi. The hatred and rationality of the Karens and Kens in America is ridiculous to me. Though I suppose it has some rational bias in their minds. I simply view it as the "international" version of a similar White privledged and racist Lutheran group that I was baptized into in infancy. 

The Christian people of the USA uphold their own version of white privilege and neo-nazism as we see the attacks and fights escalate since Trump took office.
And it ironically, has a similar timing to when I first was introduced to the rebound prayer group.

Yet because of the rift and health complications I face, I am still dragged into situations without others of my generation or similar national origins or ethnicity around me. I am constantly chased by US State actors (meaning a government based attack) out of my personal belief system and forced into situations that are politically volitile as a read for other people.

I'm writing this as it is a continued violation of my human rights. And the 🕊️ peace I desire in my life has been stripped away. This I have no family or children of my own, barely any remnant of a career, and it definitely lacks an element of fun. That is fun in the sense that I have options to select from, instead of the ongoing contortion of my personal intentions by cIa or Intelligence operations.

Enough is enough.

Especially during a time 

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Wiped out from the East Coast

Only 3 short years back in my Home State of Pennsylvania and I am doing worse than ever.
The materialistic toxicity, mass media, and racial biases clobbered my good senses along with my heart, hopes, finances, and interpersonal interactions.
The people here lack the spiritual substance I found 5000miles away on the other side of the United States. It's like a time machine rewound my modern perspective back to primordial days of humans attacking different looking groups of other humans. Yet, in 2022 the population compressed what was a civil war into en masse sized protest.

Yet my lifeline, sadly, has been cut short since returning and going through lockdown, accompanied by flight restrictions due to being unvaxxed. And so it seems  there is no information to help me available from Pennsylvania. 
A harsh difference from Hawaii where others were concerned I needed help and greatly shared stories. Here in the East Coast, being levelled and berated is a daily routine for most people to dish out. And irregardless of any corporate diversity training click through modules. 

It's become impossible to financially be uplifted when all cyber ops are designed to diminish my life. Either by the waste of time, or obstruction of communication with what I deem "appropriate" people for my life. Instead of being tossed back to the disrespectful racists who conceal all their thoughts of sabotage with social acceptance in their communities.

Shoving their religious organizations and ideology outside of my personal beliefs at me when I seek help...has become the numbing suiciding toxin of modern East Coast. No, I am no longer a Christian. And should not be forced to change my personal belief for basic human rights- food, shelter, healthcare, work. Yet I have been denied all of these things for the past several years. After being able to live in Hawaii where all my personal beliefs were actually upheld.

Monday, March 21, 2022

life changes

Reading up on what to get rid of that makes a woman look old--
And that Coco Chanel saying about jewelry comes to mind-- keeping fun jewelry sets for beach party photos is something I can't erase from my mind. 

Yet having a watch, and being criticized for not wearing a watch since I was in my 20s is definitely a pet peeve as a classical pianist and former rock climber and adventure guide.

Some accessories...just don't work for me. And a watch that can't sustain impact is one of them. Countless watches have been defective while working as a catering and bartender manager. Yet one day long long ago at a PGA old Samsung survived a drop in the watery ice bucket.
And that is a truth that dry rice has continued to justify my no watch phone time only policy since the turn of the millennium.

Between Cracked watch faces and jewelry thieves of all sexes and species make having any watch a temporary item in my life. And the hassle for a watch in the $150-500 range is too much. Even the ceramic watch craze of five years ago made me realize the watch is better of with a child.
Thats the truth of my no watch phenomena. And the real reason behind my scant jewelry collection. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

When they aren't for you as a Nisei:- are they pro Communist China?

It's March, and it's blaring that Americans aren't "for me" at any level. The pandemic proved that 💯. And it's left me wondering where to set my all new low tolerance standard will be.

Yesterday, I listened in on a Twitter Space on Geopolitics and one of the female speakers started Japan bashing. At 292 attendees and growing, another speaker set her straight about how to define who an enemy is. And my ears were grateful to hear him refer to her punk arse upbringing as or of kids (she adopted from another nation know for Neo-Nazis).

Yet none of this resonates to a level of respect for my life to move forward. Berated by so many Japan and Asia haters since Trump's election campaigns in Hawaii-- and to my move back to hometown USA in Bucks County, PA-- it's been a long weary and difficult past 6years in the USA. 

And the Wars are shaping up to show me that MOST Americans are still Anti-Japan and pro-China for cheap goods. 

Monday, March 14, 2022

The stove issues.

Between 07:14_07:21 this morning;- I washed and changed the cat's water bowl after his meowing for 15min. 
Normal Sunday -Monday routine for him.
My parents don't clean his fountain bowl properly and insist on keeping it in a high traffic area. So, it gets thick biofilm quickly
Most times I clean the fountainbowl and they are home they are triggered to go into violent rage. This morning no different.
My mother is cooking chicken in a pot on the stove. She started screaming at me that I ruined the hood of their stove that she claims is 2years old. 
She took her fingernail to the hood and scraped away the paint that is covered with grease stains. The fan is off and the steam from the 5qt pot cooking is covering the area where the paint peeled. 
She's in a violent rage and then went to physically attack me.
The last time I tried to clean the range hood was 2weeks ago. And she asked me to clean the fan, etc due to grease buildup.
One day in Nov.2021 I put about 5hrs into cleaning the blackened oven. And the stovetop is an issue because she literally forgets she's cooking and leaves the house. And same with the fireplace being unattended or sometimes she raised the temperature of it quickly to near 425F.
The cat, frequently alerts me to problems since the air quality changes. 
Things are very bad here for me since they 1. Refuse to fill out paperwork with the state for me to be paid something to help.
2. Have no ability to allow me to work from the house and teach piano online, or do anything else.

I do need to leave since they are waiting to sue me for any income I do manage to bring in. It's been a completely disfunctional living situation for me. And I can't help them financially due to their control and abuse issues that make me an undesirable employee, aside from being Japanese-American and having a mentally distraught elderly immigrant mother.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

notice was submitted as a website related to a person human rights complaint by Angela M. (Kikuchi) kneale  against the United States.

Further harassment will result in those being added to a lengthy list of perpetrators.

Wednesday, March 09, 2022

USPS and DeepState targeting

I would like to be able to write a letter and have it printed and mailed by USPS. This request is due to the surveillance by local PD and Fusion centers monitoring my whereabouts and targeting me. 
Due to the FISA and DoD 5240.1R surveillance as a discriminatory practice against Americans born to at least one foreign national parent and one US military parent:- the local police and State actors already tamper with my mail and critical financial related matters. This way they degraded my life and eroded my human rights.
They know the contents of my communication as I write them due to Surveillance monitoring. So for the local USPS (probably involved in monitoring my mail) to allow a service to mail the letter would spare me the travel, and an in person incident by Gangstalkers and privately contracted Defense employees.

In 2020-2021 they targeted me each time I printed an eBay shipping label since they do not permit home pickup for my location.
There were Gangstalkers in town, following and obstructing my driving from in front of me. In 2022 I learned eBay allows printing of the label from the USPS. And this eased the immediate targeting on days I left the house. I limited days I left the house to 1 or 2 days because of death threats attempts on my life including bodily harm since Spring of 2021.

My human rights and freedom is limited here. And the local library also participates in targeting when I print letters. The local Staples also seems to be accessible to perpetrators:- noting additional charges from printing during the closed New Year's Day. It appears the local perpetrators printed 3-4 additional copies of my affidavit on January 1st-Jan 3rd 2021.  After I paid and sent an affidavit to a civil rights group in 2020.

The psychological damages are also making my life tedious. 

if anyone can/will help me

Today, I left this review for Planet Fitness in Quakertown, PA. I am posting it due to the history of white supremacy groups in the local area. And due to attacks to me, and my 2 deceased siblings. We are mixed-race 1st generation Japanese-Americans who would have had beautiful lives as "haafu" in Japan. Our father was a USAF officer.

Instead, my family fell pray to USA white domestic terrorism AND Anti-Asian sentiment since 9/11.
I paid for 11mos and annual fee despite feeling unsafe by the 3rd or 4th month.
 Here's my review:

The member who harassed me.was not someone I know. And being told to accept his white privilege slave mentality of telling me what to do while I was on the treadmill, working out was extremely uncomfortable. 
Though I keep my life to myself, this incident got back to my 70+ year old mother who was upset.

I would appreciate a refund since I don't feel that the harassment and employees siding with this member (socially) was warranted. He was rude, intended to harass me, and was very obviously angry and hostile after the incident.

I felt very uncomfortable at this location, in my Hometown USA as an Asian-American during the pandemic. It added to the PTS of other random attacks by people in the community as Anti-Asian hate incidents.

Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Bucks County murdered my family

Conspiracy theorists and NSA whistleblowers drew my attention to DeepState and MKultra conspiracy theories in 2015. Over the past 6years of my personal research into the "persecution" and discrimination I, my late brother, my late sister faced as the only children of a Japanese national mother who moved to Bucks County, PA from Japan. The whistleblowers presented me with the lengthy international torture affidavit put out by a campaigner and in 2021 announced that she is the current wife of Bill Binney, former director of the NSA.
Though I took over 3 years to wade through my life filled with traumatic events from what had previously been considered "anti-Japanese hate crimes" of the highly racist Bucks County, PA community. Today, it is very clear to me, as a survivor of this ongoing U.S.A. intelligence torture operation:- that this was and is a doctrine of torture followed by many Bucks County, Pennsylvania officials, law enforcement, school teachers, church administrators, attorneys, and anyone else who has been coaxed into the operation to execute my life quietly as "suicided" Japanese-Americans. And the worst part of it, for me to understand as an adult:- is that my USA father a Pennsylvania USAF veteran and nephew to an Uncle who was a gunner aboard the USA Langley with 2 silver stars from his mass murders of Japanese at Iwo Jima, Pearl Harbor, and missions in n China.

Due to the lack of care for my physical and emotional well being, and the financial abuse of my identity by my father and/or his colleagues, friends and attorneys. I consider the international legal term of his role in my life to be more applicable as a "State Actor" and agent. Rather than a father, defined by normal legal terms. And the use of the "family" property and home as a torture chamber where I was easily isolated from others.

In 2022, we know the DeepState is prolific in Pennsylvania. And so, to call it  "simple hate crimes" with broken bones, disfigured face, wrecked vehicles, experimental surgeries, embezzlement, forgery, and multiple assaults; physical, sexual, and chemical.

The contents of this blog are to reveal the ongoing torture I survive in the United States Mainland. And that I was denied my choice of nationality, freedom to speak with my mother and relatives without physical torture at home, in school, at church, and being abducted :;- ongoing since elementary school. And that the businesses I "consulted for" as an office employee and piano faculty assisted perpetrators in coordinating conditions to abduct, assault, and potentially kill me and my late brother from 08/2000-01/2009.

I assert that the torture and operations are ongoing, and with new government officials and community members who participate.