Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Post APEC USA update 2022

 Today, in 2022;- Things have 'gone through'.

My APEC USA attendance was to show face from the USA side. Though the aftermath has included 6 years of being mostly unemployed, contaminated with bio-toxin/ nanotech and toxic mold, and sleeping on couches to do the legal research to make a torture complaint. 

So, the long story short is that this was about the USA and Lockheed and Martin making a sale of "Lockheed F-35s" to Japan. I had been informed about some Plane antique shopping after my brother passed in 2005. Had the USA state actors not intentionally sabotaged his life before his H.S. graduation;- we would have had a small family company connected to our relatives in Japan.  The planes sale involved one of my Aunts and Uncles who were also involved in Japan-China war negotiations near the turn of the millenia. My father (who is hated) has a team of shitheads who harass me when he gets my information. Then, he prevented my mother from having a normal life. So, it's a hopeless loophole for them to track me down and destroy my life.

But, to this day- NOONE and I do mean from the Green Berets down to Navy Seals and Rangers all the way to the H.S. principles and our Church pastor cared about our well being. In 2016 I came across the NSA and a German stop007 activist who is now married to former NSA Director Bill Binney. And I've taken the time, with many tears, bouts of depression, and hundreds of hours of research to get a handle on the extensive damage by USA state actors that fits into their framework. 

Though I personally was and never have been pro war or pro weapon;- the State Actors and Others did not care. That is why I am no longer employed and also blacklisted from any respectable career. In addition to the disruption of my MSM in 2004. I was the last game piece alive after my brother was "suicided" by local Pennsylvania officials and their extended 'family' in 2005. 

Those who knew me in Hawaii knew I knew a couple of USA snipers. Not a big deal, but most people in my life are not and were not there because they genuinely care about me. It's difficult for me to discern who is who. But the fact remains that I am not doing well at all anymore with events of the past 4 years and the sharp turn in Anti-Asian sentiment.