Thursday, February 17, 2022

Never Rerurn- elderly parental lawfare

This Pandemic has shown many people the downfalls of aging parents who have maintained a classic disfunctional family structure. 
And moving in with them, is not the greatest of choices, albeit the only one for many single people. Especially, being Asian-American through this pandemic.

Some positive things to do or try online while your elderly parents disrupt your income any time you speak to the outside world-- these are quiet things to do in under 2hours:
-  Secure a virtual volunteer position (as a conference assistant or writer) with an organization ie., Red Cross
-  Meditation 
-  Join an online prayer and healing group ie , Bruno Groening Circle of Friends

Like a having second childhood, these elderly parents are in denial and fail to see the reality of their toxic behaviors.The classic Alcoholic parent, community leader, and abuser at home still returns home crushing cans and sipping whiskey with their medications and abusing the enabler, feeling justified to be as irate as ever. Like a psychological torture deconstructed to layers of victim exploitation , isolation from persecution, and alcoholic family structure repeated with the new knowledge of Deep state. Not only threatening your life, but first threatening to take the life of your immigrant mother who was a married foreign national at your birth. The behavior to torture the 'enabler spouse's who is, in reality been tortured by IS State actors since before your birth and is an enduring captive to USA Deep State. If she doesn't comply with the US State actors, her own life is threatened. Yet they instigate the torture by threatening her life for non-compliance. While screaming and yelling through your Online video conferencing. That is until you decided to spare yourself the sheer humiliation of having to live with these parents.

It's not only cringy, it's downright life threatening. Much like an involuntary social suicide whether you speak about it or bear the harassment and "abuse" in silence and isolation. Early on in the pandemic, stepping into their world full time resulted in their control of the house wifi. Irate threats the call the police and elder abuse hotline anytime you attempted to go online and have "a normal" 21st century cyber life.

 Something any elderly person can do-- hit the off switch. Coupled with yelling and accusations of being inept and incompetant to support them-- all while knowing about the life insurance policy on your single life, without kids-- that will find them and their coverup of a murder they plan loudly through the lockdown with their old friend state actors. And so the decade old policy is cancelled, while they get more angry and hungry for money. Old Deep state behaviors haven't waned in their aged bodies that are now haunted by the demonic.

  And there's no rationalizing with people who still believe that "Jobs and employment" are something you go away to. And that their behaviors at the home will produce good economic results for them- even in the pandemic. 

The reality is life crushing-- a psychologically and financially a precarious nightmare ending to all social acceptance. And there is no negotiating with these elderly control freaks. Their personal stigma to fill out paperwork that gives adult children income to spend 3hrs a day cleaning up after them and their messy home from carelessness, arthritis, and accidents is just one of their financially non-cooperative behaviors. They think the state will view them as beggars, while they arre hiding away awaiting aa new episode of Hoarders.

And any attempts to talk and conduct a virtual business or job interview during lockdown and pandemic rules were thwarted by a new bout of hysterical control freaks screaming through thin walls and doors during normal business hours. All while being forgetful enough to cause concern that they may set fire to their own home amidst the clutter with forgotten stoves, fireplace, or irons being left on.

What's a genXer or millennial to do with elders who insist on destroying social credit and life? Especially in places where internet alone is expensive and tough to come by and the public attacks you for your race? What will happen to them? The state doesn't care. Especially when your own father is a part of the local deep state.

What is the escape, the self-rescue, after all finances and every last crypto coin is sold? It's 2022, and things are looking grim?