Saturday, February 26, 2022

me time.

Looking back to my college days zombies out on caffeine and wading through multitasking way too much;- I finally got some me time. 

That is to say, that me time of healing and being concious (not simply woke) of the reasons I had to endure injustice. Meaning, I was woke ahead of my time in the 90's. Yet never had that time to sort out my own personal healing amidst a bunch of the wrong generation leading my life into a ditch or off a cliff. 

So finally sorting that out, it still hurts. The woke individuals who shame me for being the product of a Loving Day marriage ahead of their non Loving Day wokeness.
And how in the world this woke world is run without those of us who have experienced the Ins and outs of being persecuted for being 'different' culturally and otherwise.

I suppose that is the downfall of the bullshit that has encrusted America from falling apart. Though, I did my healing work for the past 6 years, while other activists educate the woke mob  steal my tweets as their own in online meetings. It will never end. It is discrimination repeating itself in another format until I am dead from being starved out of a livelihood while "woke white males" make their businesses and careers out of my experiences.

America needs to shove it.