Wednesday, February 16, 2022

education & DOJ reply

In 2021, with so many different yet related torture incidents from FISA and DOD 5240.1R surveillance procedures;- I took a couple dozen old hate crimes incidents (as I consider FISA to be prima facia Persecution) and reported them to the New Asian-American Hate crimes reporting system. Here are 2 form letters reply I got back from DOJ. 
Obviously the statue of limitations is up. And there has been alot of deep state action in my life since youth-- which is why these letters may be added to an international complaint. Not that it will have any significant impact to mend and heal the torture wounds from the USA essentially holding me as a hostage.That is despite Trump trying to get Japanese abductees back from NoKo + abductees like my cousin. Enough said. Back to reality of American impunity.