Thursday, February 17, 2022

Deep state Dining

In Pennsylvania, there are many national chain restaurants that employ people at or near the federal tipping wage at $2.35 in 2021. Not only is it below normal minimum wage and national living wage standards, but the DeepState has thrived in Pennsylvania by tipping who they want, and setting up other otherwise innocent people.

1. Force National Chains to comply with living wage and normal minimum wage standards.
2. Force states to provide medical and dental benefits to workers.
3. Give employees who are 1st generation Americans against, a way to provide feedback without penalty and violent retaliation from the company.

While many Americans don't have a care to help legal 1st generation Americans, sons and daughters of a US military veteran and a foreign national;- employers should be forced to uphold basic human rights for these individuals. Many are heavily targeted by human traffickers and others in the military as a scapegoat due to the obvious lack of US family. Others with foreign officials as grandparents and aunts and uncles are targeted by CIA RICO act violators to affect foreign trade and US foreign policy. There is no protection for individuals, like myself, far away from suitable Asian-American communities of the West Coast. The East Coast natives are not welcoming to those of us who have only immediate family members and are targets of other Asians -also due to our foreign official relatives.

And the businesses, also use their alcohol serving to implement ATF style surveillance, along with extended family members of US diplomats, to attack some first generation Americans. It's not as simple as "racism". The constructs of political legal (lawfare) to entrap a person exist 💯. And it needs to end.
It's bad enough that the US intelligence community authorizes these local officials, their friends and families to attack smaller minorities to build international incidents. 
But for it to have become a global security issue in s an outrage.