Saturday, February 05, 2022

BCI issues from old Experiments.

 So, being online with the international community is harshly awful. 

My mother on some form of BCI or Ambient Backscatter cognitive radio - as an experiment by the USA- has basically delved into the various forms of calling me garbage to remain in solidarity with her Asian peers. My guess is that the sale of Boston Dynamics, a USA company that recently sold to Korea from the Japanese company where my Japanese relatives were involved as foreign officials is connected to what I am hearing from her. Since she rarely uses a computer yet seemingly pulls specific data out of thin air;- after several debilitating experimental operations-- The toxicity of her words seems to be out of her control. 

Basically- and simply; most Asians are racist towards me unless they can make money off of me. And Americans are the same way. Seems pointless to say these people are like human traffickers. It's become the norm for everyone to engage in forms of community rape, isolation, and trafficking.  Since a national income standard is non-existent;- Capitalism and the attitudes of the lipservice of others mask their underlying racist hatred. 

There's a small handful of people who are 'mixed race' in between. And most of us know that kissing ass for money only eases the pain of suffering temporarily before it snaps out the punishment of social whiplash.