Saturday, February 12, 2022

As a Nisei

My dismay is in Americans while looking back on my life over the past 6 years-- to put it in a legal and USA Intel framework.
 As a Nisei, far away from my Japanese relatives, the Americans have been nothing great to me. As a child, there was outright bodily harm and persecution at school since 1980s. In the last months of 2021, I reported the pedophiles at my elementary school who convinced my parents I wouldn't be "American enough" to anyone if I continued to be bilingual in Japanese. 
They whisked me off to "speech therapy" where I was isolated in a room and returned to my teacher. The teacher then asked me how my vagina was and rlfeequently kept me away from recess. looking back, it was the beginning of the isolation.
And in 2021, the DOJ feels that it is not a hate crime to do such a thing. I received the letter about my report on Richland Elementary school from the 1980s. And that was not the only mdaily abuse I experienced. 
These people failedd me then, and they have no intentions of improving 
Today, nothing has improved- no work, nothing suitable for me all while their military and state actors have pushed me around for their use since I have diplomatic type relatives aka Foreign officials in Japan who are my aunt's and uncles.

This heavy burden has not lifted an ounce from my life. And it is couples with employers who are treading in the human trafficking zone of broken employment laws that I was barred from challenging due to a surplus of Anti-Kapanese-Ameeican attorneys. Essentially it is a form of the community trafficking me. That is, the predominant Bucks County community, where old military contractors and MKultra freaks join hands in the study of multiple religions to better execute their false flags as "Peace". 

I never had a chance to have a 'good liffe". And writing these pages is akin to sealing my own ⚰️ where I will suffocate.