Thursday, February 17, 2022

Affidavit Available

There are many affidavits out now, many cover the torture by State Actors and Community members and businesses and their attorneys who target first generation Americans.

My first Affidavit-lightly documenting some elements of torture over my lifetime is 20pages long. And I experienced severe retaliation for sending out to civil rights leaders and my Japanese relatives.
The retaliation is, in part, from some of the perpetrators listed in the affidavit who still reside in DeepState Pennsylvania and Bucks County. There is little I could do to shield myself from their attacks, hacks, cyber interference, break-ins, vehicle tampering, and encouraging my parents to assist them to dismantle my finances,  communication, and livelihood at the home.

There are additional complaints I filed about voting issues.

The damages have been and remain extensive to my psychological well being, online learning, meetings and interviews online, and applications for employment.
And include near death incidents on short trips to do essential activities in Bucks County, PA.