Friday, February 25, 2022

about my late brother's attorney

There was already FISA 1978 abuse and physical torture beyond corporal punishment intended to kill me not only with a leather belt but escalated to repeat head blows, neck injuries, and scarring on my face  that I was victim of largely at the direction of Samuel Litzenberger's law office and Gloriana Sewell a PMTA piano teacher when I was age 5-11 or 12;- by the time I was 15. The See PA statute:

Title 18 § 509.  Use of force by persons with special responsibility for care, discipline or safety of others.

 My father did not care about me as I was a victim of childhood sexual abuse by community members. (See DOJ response 2022 re: a Quakertown , PA elementary school).

To this day, my parents, their attorneys, and friends/colleagues blame me for my brother's drug problems. In my defense socially, I was isolated to the family home, school, and church and rarely allowed to spend time with friends. My brother had soccer & skater friends, one named Eric S. there was also friends of my parents who were known cocaine dealers and or addicts. And, his issues with being dosed by his friends and classmates were ongoing well after I left the state for college. Yet my parents and their attorneys are accusing me for all of the hospitalizations he incurred in my absence.
They have built an airtight case against me while ignoring ALL of his medical records in my absence. Additionally, my parents do not understand their own negligence since their attorney and our 1st piano instructor maximized the physical abuse that I was subjected to that left me unconscious many days. I feel it  constitutes attempted murder of me, yet because of my sex, national origin, and race- as a mixed-race HAPA;- I have been denied nearly all of my human rights.

Below is a portion of the letter dated May 1990, from my Parents' attorney that names my late brother's attorney. It indicates what I knew to be embezzlement as a child, since my mother was worried back then, that my father and his colleagues might kill her before killing me. David Knight, esq was named in the letter and had become my brother's attorney. I was 15 at the time, my brother was 12. when this letter was written . 

It was well after the sale of a family property that my father missed the POA. And Bucks County Courts have approved his legal and financial abuses of my mother as well as me. Below is part of the text from a letter Samuel Lizenberger sent to my father in May 1990 after the "embezzlement" of property.

" I received a call from Mary Ann Knight, apparently an attorney in Philadelphia who indicated that you and your wife were going to seek counseling, but that she would not be representing you in connection with any domestic difficulties. Yuko has now informed me that you have not been engaging in any counseling although she has gone for that purpose. I have read your recent note that you left at the house for her.

There are two purposes to this letter:

1. You are directed not to use the Power of Attorney that I prepared many years ago and furnish a letter to me in writing that you have not used it and that you have destroyed it, or are returning it and all copies to me:"

"In your recent note to Yuko, you referred to an attorney by the name of David Knight from Doylestown, but I could not find him in my telephone directory nor in my Bar Association Legal Directory. If he is representing you, you should refer this letter to him for communication back to me."

"Very Truly Yours,