Thursday, February 03, 2022

2022 more affidavits? or International?

 Since I have already sent out a short 20-page summary affidavit of the torture complaint;- 

The longer version of the international affidavit is still a work in progress involving many months and hours of kafkaesque bureaucratic forms and the process of forms.  While most people have retaliated on me for expressing the creation of such documents;- the perpetrators expressly are mostly Silent Generation and therefore most have passed. I was born to Generation X.  And the perpetrators in Bucks County mostly told me to my face in childhood that they would be long gone by the time I was able to tell anyone about it. So the point of issue for me with the rise of this International affidavit being advertised publically in social media- Is that it also seems like it was planned. How could something like this be planned by adults since I was a child? I know they contorted the laws, used their 'impressive clout' to posture false sovereign immunity, and help IRA and others. 

So, for me this hell they constructed around me is meant to destroy what life I have left, no matter what. 

These were obviously rotten evil people to me. And Since I was isolated from any positive role models or influence, and other Loving Day families to have friends;-  things seem to fit this international affidavit and the larger torture framework.