Tuesday, February 01, 2022

2021 Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Reporting Update

January 2022: I came to conclude that the RICO ACT laws set into effect were supplemented with early FISA 1978 surveillance abuse and torture from US State Actors. And were circumvented with impunity under the DOD 5240.1R manual for human testing and surveillance procedures. And, From my perspective, this is serious conflicting interest.  

In 2021 something new and 'sort of' exciting happened. The USA's corrupt Department of Justice opened up the Anti-Asian Hate Crimes portal on their website. It was intended to give Asian-Americans a way to report hate crimes in our communities. So, excited to see how it worked;- I took several incidents and slammed through reporting decades-old 'hate crimes' that involved several elements and single incidents that make up part of my torture complaint.  

From September 2021 to December 2021:  I reported 24+ DOJ Anti-Asian Hate crimes complaints that involved abduction, bodily harm, pedophilia, and other heinous acts from 1970-2021 that were generally dismissed as non-hate crimes by the Department of Justice. 

I didn't expect much but took the opportunity to obtain Federal report numbers which I didn't have in 2019 while working on my torture complaint research. The DOJ overall dismissed all of the incidents I reported with letters either suggesting I obtain an attorney, reporting it to another agency where the term limit is up, or summarizing a letter with laws that may have pertained if they actually would have considered it a hate crime-- in other words a dead end. 

But, it's slightly more than nothing after I revisited a lifetime of trauma, abductions, death, and outright persecution here in Pennsylvania and NY. It's nothing to the DOJ or the DeepState for that matter. After all, they win. And I didn't even report the firing squad I was subject to in Hawaii that US military called an "incident" that I walked into as I arrived for the public meeting time I attended at ABAC for Shipping.

I'm the niece to Japanese foreign officials who the USA government sought to manipulate. And, to add further pain to my 4 years of legal research;- the DOD 5240.1 R , several conspiracy laws, in addition to the current pandemic have emerged in the past 2 months.