Sunday, December 19, 2021

Nano-tech polymersome


Darkfield Microscopy- Live blood (7000nm-1000nm cells)  of Angela "Kikuchi" Kneale
copyright 2014
Finger-points to the area of 'black nano scatter' biotoxin
appx 480-520nm Cyan polymersome or nanosphere & disintegrated structure 

Definition by size: Nanoparticle- is on the nanoscale, Nano-tech 1-100nm

1. Nanosphere (aka Bead - possibly PMMA or PGLA) aka polymersome 
These beads are responsive to signals and/or temperature changes.
Some of these spheres have the potential to trigger additional cytotoxicity and unknown long-term effects. 

2/3- Possibly disintegrated nanospheres- or triggered beads that released contents.

4. Red Blood cells - with hexagonal structural changes - indicate my blood's ability to adapt to recruit oxygen and/or to maximize surface area for efficient signals conductivity - note closest to the crystal and bio-toxins.

5. Crystal appx 30000nm- attributed to Uric Acid created due to bio-toxins. Unlikely it is a Nano Chip due to lack of luminosity. However, there is a black nanostructure within it that appears to be similar to known patented nano-chip circuitry.