Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Near completed for submission, Score pdf link

The link to my score with accompaniment is at : A Photo in my Mind 

 Today I attempted to record a version of the song for submission. My voice decided for me, that singing in my contralto range felt better than in my Mezzo voice. Something about the mix is definitely unresolved after grinding up my vocal cords to the D5 for a bit. My voice is far far from polished yet it's functional to document my song.  Though getting down to B2 is not where I headed and stopped off near the D2. 

My score is entitled 'Photo in My Mind' for Mezzo and Contralto/Tenor. The range is B2 to G5 and I changed a few notes. I slapped in some German translation, yet the 'in my mind' as Geist or Herz being my favored choices is yet to be worked out. Due to the Use of the Muse3 scoring software, I had some issues with notes moving around and did my best to remove extra notes and rests with the newer commands. However, it didn't work for everything. And yes, I checked the voicing boxes and tried everything to remove extraneous or incorrect markings. 

Emailed April and shared my practice sesh. She basically said it's o.k. and doesn't need to pro-sound recording. I'm simply enthused that I was able to put everything together to this point, even shortening the song to get it finished quickly. Bucket list item since 2004 nearly done, though it's not a CD of my original work I want. As an adult, it's a big heart wish for personal reasons.