Saturday, July 17, 2021

Lyrics exercise Saturday July 17

Still lacking inspiration. ... yet wrote a couple of blocks of poetry. Moon Fallen Vampish... send your heart to me, wrap it in a chocolates' box, and scribble LOVE in red dribbles Do you know where I am? Did you write my address first? You know what I love. That you know, You know how I like things That you will live for me after I taste your chocolates that red sweet dribble after I drift through excitement & Bliss sinking my teeth into you, are, sweet yet so so live without a faint heartbeat reflecting on my ears no more nightmares no more fears we will live beyond the Sun's drenched tears Kissing your heart Travelling Red Astronaut Like you alot Living kind through infinite time. Angela Kikuchi Kneale Aloha by Angela Kikuchi Kneale Once upon a dream in neverending eden Sun gazeing pierces my soul with solar waves Charging my heart I need an inspirational restart Rushing my heart emotional lights & darks overwhelmed memories my inherit sin protected by immortal wings Your smile etched into my burning heart I diverge into the dark black hole penetrates the depth of my soul Rushing my heart Emotional lights & darks Run through my heart and fly me to the sun (Burn with fire the wretched human.)