Friday, July 09, 2021

Independent Lyric writing exercise... July 2021 week1

Decided to work towards writing one song, with lyrics. This was my goal when I went to Hawaii for a long vacation. However, things are quite fragmented right now (11 years later) That's how much USA intel has wrecked my life. They have hated me being in classical music, and I've mentioned some of who 'they' are in my one US affidavit. By Angela Kikuchi Kneale - after random rhyming blocks... new block Hiroshima images?: Like Gothic raindrops We/I/You Haven't forgot fellennnn, fallen out image (sitting under a pavillion) sold into oblivion embedded with breath soul essence effect explosively bright dark fragments ignite splatters my skin dark/dew droplets of sin cry tears of nuclear years/ irradiation and rise after night ... forplay of war --- {end new block7/9/2021} Walking high above the clouds. I woke My soul is tattered My heart beat scattered End of the succession that defies How many lifes did they take for you? Defies natural profression Tearing my soul apart one more time around to fix it what is this a demon's tricks? Dissolves pain that made my heart nearly obliterate Shielded my heart from your games directors and demons preachers and sermons my heart compounded by these calloused walls. surrounded by killers... compartmentalized pillars Lie wake with my eyes wide open to my soul inside. Points in time in quantum mind You think you cling wait for the clock to sing quantum mind I swing from my immortal thread. Lie awake in bed (repeat) My adventures never been said never tell the tales of what we did Lie wake with my eyes wide open to my soul inside Points in time in my mind. Some people? live they talk and sing reminding the static of how they cling to life to life every day is certain never do much more than pull back a shower curtain ------------------------------------ immortality is a frequency like any other have you tuned in turned on? all is pitch my mind my mind didn't design a body of time your soul controlled if i had another life that is karma free I'd come back to visit and set ___________free we liberate, we liberate dissolve locks Open doors did you think you'd see my face? through time and space beings are free Walk through my gate demons don't lurk or wait... compassionately you're running out of time. Lonely you're haunting my sleep frequency glitch our timelines fixed love love love. eternal betrothed Once upon, Once upon...a dream....a dream (repeat fade in) I felt my love's immortal breath survived how many lifetimes. Until our once upon a time storybook ends. We walk through sands of time only you and I survive my salvation is it holy? do i live for you?