Wednesday, July 21, 2021

2nd draft with melody notes

 This is the song in Treble clef. However, I'm still deciding on mix since I'm more comfortable as an alto.

Things to note for other instruments: 

1. It is in D Mixolydian

2. I wrote for piano and voice.

3. The lyrics open on an ascending minor seventh (a bit unusual)

The range is B3-F5 for this version... and due to deciding the accompaniment, it's not the 100% placement of all the notes yet. I originally sang while vamping in my head voice everything is an octave lower except the scale in line 2. The song is written for Bruno Groening in the Music group. Have a lot to do since there's no Midi keyboard here.   Chord progression with melody is simple without accompaniment. It's in 

The word Groe-ning is on a downbeat with my accompaniment.

The Lyrics and melody...basically - not finished version.

Basic Lyrics after the vamp sesh. - there's more.. yet not needed.

Photo in My Mind

I've been with Bruno Groening for some time
His photograph etched in my mind
And doing Einstillen is his way
I take in heilstrom everyday

Bruno Groening my old friend
(Original:) Through loneliness and grief  (substitute:) Through love we are so blessed
Find my way to the healing wave
(Original:) That God made heilstrom (substitute:) God so made us blessed

And then one day someone asked me
Can I have a ride with you, my friend
I don't have what it takes 
To get there doing what I can

Through the help of some one I adore,
 that is what they meant by love
And many blessings came 
to take away the pain and suffering too

I held your photograph in my hands one day
And my heart it stood so still
The healing came quick one day
After I had prayed many hours and months and years

I've been with Bruno Groening for some time
With his photo etched in my mind
God sent the divine

Find my way to the healing wave
That God so made heilstrom