Sunday, June 20, 2021

Retracing Racial Norms

Sample slides of the Presentation

 "Retracing racial norms: Politics and it's impact on modern diversity training"  is a brief overview of my viewpoint. Recent "anti-Asian" hate crimes diversity training seemed to lightly address common racist views. And, I don't believe from my own experience that people are independently being mindful after the diversity trainings. Some, are going through recent required trainings and lashing out with hostility anyway.   My opinions are due to the contents of diversity training impacting my "international" life as a family member in a foreign family. And because of this fact, my opinions diverge from the popular domestic trends. As a lifelong activist, and "mixed race" Asian- American, I find that academics who have not lived through decades of hate crimes don't represent my views. So, This is my presentation of the not "sugar coated"  version of diversity related issues. And, is not so academic as I have forged my path outside of US institutional abuses. 

There is a pdf version that Will be made available with the full presentation deck.