Friday, October 09, 2020

Implants & Targeting - Lockheed & Japanese

Part of my history in Hawaii;- The Cyber ops to my phone was ongoing. I attemted dating using an App. 2017. The targeting has made me feel trapped, like a rat in a maze in some sense. So I do not attempt to continue relationships. I made a list of what my desired traits are in a partner, it's not just about money. And, especially since the friendliness and good behavior drops off by month 2 or 3, and (sometimes- not always) results in violence against me from the military. I could not afford any more life threatning altercations stemming from US Military at this time.  

So, anyway, this person I met was an Lockheed F-35 avionics engineer at the time We went to see the movie, Alien Covenant. And, like many connected to USAf has a mark on his head (see outer temple) that is very similar in size to my "birthmark" on top of my forward right skull just behind my hair line. 

as 6 years old.