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Torture Trauma outline

 1968 - Japanese national Mother 菊地, 子, aka Yuko Kikuchi aka Yuko Kneale arrives in USA from Japan via Hawaii. She was issued a Japanese passport from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo.  with Husband Charles A. Kneale  US national and USAF W6. 

June 1970- Deborah Ann Kneale is murdered at Quakertown Hospital in Quakertown, PA in front of Yuko Kikuchi. Deborah Ann Kneale was laid to rest at Valley Forge Memorial Gardens nearby the Kneale family with an unmarked grave. 

    This incident went unreported for decades. Neither Yuko Kikuchi or Charles Kneale reported the incident to the police in Quakertown, PA Yuko Kikuchi shared this story with angela kneale daily as a warning. Angela M. Kneale reported the Incident to Honolulu Police Department through the Sex Abuse Treatment Center after 2009. Miss Kneale gave details about the incident as she remembers the story, and after looking into the formality of the gravesite of Deborah Ann Kneale. The murder was an act of blatant persecution of Yuko Kikuchi's national origins and race. Charles A. Kneale told Angela Kneale his perspective and about the motorcycle ride immediately following the event. He drove by the Rosacrucians AMORC ceremonial Grounds on Clymer Rd. He said "it used to have a plaque to the Great White God." and "It's good to give your first born to God." Angela M. Kneale received retaliation from Charles A. Kneale with Yuko Kikuchi aka Yuko Kneale in 2014 and also 2018, and 2019 for reporting the incident to police. Charles A. Kneale harassed Angela Kneale in 2018 and 2019 for Officer Tarantino contacting him about the incident. This incident was not reported to Interpol.    

November 1974- (AMK) Angela Meredith Kneale is born to Japanese National Yuko Kikuchi aka Yuko Kneale  and US national Charles Anthony Kneale. See photo of Angela M. Kneale with shaved head and alleged birthmark. The birthmark is an area that also gives RF feedback. Miss Angela Kneale is known to have dark keloids that last a long time as well. 

1975- Angela M. Kneale is baptized by Pastor Craig Landis at St. John/s Evangelical Church. Yuko Kikuchi and Charles A. Kneale are present. Yuko Kikuchi wearing a kimono holds Angela M. Kneale.

* Craig Landis Attempts to strangle Angela M. Kneale during Confirmation class in 1986. He lunged acoss the table in anger because Angela M. Kneale said the word Japan. Both Richard Kneale and Angela Kneale experienced intense persecution in the Church's sunday school. Richard Kneale had asked Yuko Kikuchi if he could quit. She allowed him to stop attending. However, Angela Kneale was required to continue.  Later in 2005, after her brother's memorial service;- Charles A. Kneale told Angela M. Kneale that Craig Landis heading, at the Suicide Bereavement organization, wanted her dead. And, that they would cover up the murder if Charles A. Kneale were to murder her. 

Craig Landis;- Evidences Son dies in LSD related double suicide  

Articles: November 21, 1983 https://www.newspapers.com/clip/21986622/marc-landis-son-of-craig-and-anne/

 10/01/1984 - https://www.phillymag.com/news/1984/10/01/bucks-county-suicides-landis-ferdock/ 

February 1978- Richard Colin Kneale is born to Japanese national Yuko Kikuchi aka Yuko Kneale and US national Charles A. Kneale (USAF veteran declass. 2001/2003).

1978 - The Japanese family of  Japanese national Yuko Kikuchi aka Yuko Kneale visits the United States. Angela Kneale, age 3,  meets her Japanese grandparents and  Aunt for the first time.

1978 - FISA physical abuse begins during calls to relatives in Japan. The phone provider is Bell Atlantic to the Kneale household. Angela Kneale is brutalized by Charles A. Kneale for saying "konnichiwa" to her grandmother for the first time.

        - Charles A. Kneale regularly begins to administer corporal punishment to Angela M. Kneale, age 3. He uses his leather belt for spankings. There is no reason. Angela Kneale is beaten until her buttocks are red. This is the beginning of severe beatings on a daily basis. The beatings change over time to head trauma. However they are the same in brutality. She blacks out from this punishment frequently.

1980 Appx. - Richard Colin Kneale age 2, is assaulted by 2 boys at a church while standing next to Yuko Kikuchi. His leg is broken from the boys kicking him. Angela Kneale age 5,witnessed the incident from the hallway while returning from the restroom. This happened while Yuko Kikuchi was at the reception counter making an inquiry into the church.

Axehandle Rd. neighborhood includes perpetrators Steven Tamburri, Charles A. Kneale, Richland Township Officials, and Planning Commission, as well as local police. 

[RICO ACT]   Steve Tamburri, longterm Richland Township official, Insurance Agent, & Neighbor of Axehandle Rd formerly RD3 or RR #3 allegedly had his wife abducted. According to testimony of Angela M. Kneale at age 5 in 1980. 

Article entitles " Investigation Continues into Richland Abduction" pg. 52 Doylestown Intelligencer Archives at { https://newspaperarchive.com/doylestown-intelligencer-apr-16-1980-p-52/ }

[RICO ACT] US Eastern District Court docket NO. 04-3618; Conspiracy 2003 Steven Tamburri and Richlandtown Officials:  https://www.paed.uscourts.gov/documents/opinions/06D0902P.pdf

Asserting The Commonwealth of Pennsyslvania gives them Absolute Authority/ aka Absolute Immunity "...exempts a high public official from all civil suits for damages arising out of false defamatory statements and even from statements or actions motivated by malice, provided the statements are made . . . in the course of the official’s duties.” Matson v. Margiotti, 88 A.2d 892, 895 (Pa. 1952)."

1981-1991 MK ultra torture, Yuko Kikuchi has experimental surgeries due to Charles A. Kneale abuses her Power Of Attorney. Embezzlement happens as a result of Charles A. Kneale, Bucks County Court, and Attorneys Samuel Litzenberger and David Knight, Esq.    Angela Kneale also experiences Charles A. Kneale as a mind control programmer while her mother Yuko Kikuchi is in the hospital. Pedophilia at the Elementary school Angela Kneale attends, Angela Kneale has to wear neck braces, has sutures for her chin, 9th grade incident of half her face black and blue yet noone cared. Extreme persecution by white supremacists in the school district, community, church officials, township officials, and other children and community members. 

August 1992 - Angela M. Kneale, age 17, is attending her first semester at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY and accepted into a 5 and 1/2 year program consisting of a double major in music with a masters degree. 

September 1992- Angela M. Kneale experiences sex assaults in the new experimental co-ed dormatory, Terrace 4. The dormatory is coed by floor, giving access to older male adult students to her room. 

October 1992- Angela M. Kneale requests to quit Ithaca College. Charles A. Kneale refuses because he doesn't want her around.hr

    Graduation is delayed to 1999: Miss Kneale, a known repeat sex assault victim on campus, speaks at                 Women's Speak for loving and surviving. By Graduation, Miss Kneale survived appx. 26 sex assaults in the dormatories, her and off campus. That includes 1 gang-rape by co-workers at her off campus job in 1997.

November 1992 - Angela M. Kneale turns 18 years old.

December 1992- Richard C. Kneale suffers head injuries from hit and run. 

 {Morning Call article (known for altering details); https://www.mcall.com/news/mc-xpm-1992-12-14-2882012-story.html }

January 1993-  Angela M. Kneale is put on Academic Probation at Ithaca College. Her situation worsens as the food makes her sick. The dining hall employees start sneaking in Japanese tofu and soy milk vegan foods for her.  And, she is able to relocate to a different dormatory. Private campus police handle the assault and other reports. 

September 1994 - Angela M. Kneale recruits leaders and co-founds AREAL Animal Rights Education Action League at Ithaca College. The group is well received and campaigns on vegan dining hall options. 

Richart Colin Kneale has ACLU involved with the High School Principle. The Principal's actions lead to Richard Kneale loosing his University of Pennsylvania scholarship. 

January 1996- Angela Kneale leaves Ithaca, NY for a semester in Environmental studies at the University of Montana Missoula. The program is noted on the front of USA Today. The semester is focused on  environmental issues caused by the USA's only Superfund Complex. note: There is a high rate of the rarest cancers in the United States in Missoula, Montana. 

April 11, 1996 - Alberton, Montana has a Chlorine spill. The "empty" Tankers are then moved to Missoula, MT. Due to the Inversion layer of Missoula, MT, Angela Kneale and Residents of Missoula suffer respiratory, eye and skin irritation from chlorine gas exposure. 


September 1996 - Angela M. Kneale is nearly Lynched by Ku Klux Klan and White Supremacists in Hegins, Pennsylvania. Several dozens of activists protected Angela M. Kneale to help her exit the park. Angela Kneale had been an intern at the Fund For Animals and other national animal rights groups in the summer of 1996.   

October 26, 1996 - Angela M. Kneale is pinned under a car bumper during a MCVegan solidarity protest.

1997 - Signed note from Professor Carl Johnson of Ithaca College. Miss Kneale was a portrait and nude figure model for her painting professor. In 1999 Miss Kneale briefly retained a position as a nude model at Ringling School of Art and Design where Carl Johnson secured a faculty position. 

1997 - Angela M. Kneale is sexually assaulted during a work related potluck. She was drugged during the potluck where there were several male coworkers and cooperative members. The incident was reported to police and also reported to the EEOC in New York State. The incident is settled out of court in 2000. 

April 1999- Miss Kneale is considered Disabled. She is diagnosed at the Sir Ewig Hearing Clinic at Ithaca college with Hyperacusis. She perceives high frequency tones as 50% louder than normal decibel levels. This happens after she is prescribed anti-depressants that nearly give her a heart attack.

 June 1999 - Miss Kneale graduates from Ithaca College.  

August 1999- Miss Kneale goes to Key West with her "husband" partner and the Beaners who work at Cornell University Architecture shop  for what is to be a 1 week vacation. However, plans change and her partner visits a relative in the Federal Witness protection program in Venice, Florida. 

September 1999 - Miss Kneale is left at the home of Sally Lucky-Elkes. She stays in the seance room. And, meets Dr. Joel Elkes. She was unaware that Dr. Elkes is a world renound Neuro Researcher at John Hopkins University CIA Doctor known for working on Project Paperclip.

August 2000 - Miss Kneale leaves Venice, Florida.

December 2002 -  Locked in Basement & Sexually Assaulted by Todd Hawthorne. This incident occurs at the home of WB17 news Anchor Tina Kim (North Korea). Miss Kneale reported the incident over the phone to police. There was no investigation and the report number is missing. Other details from NOVA and Letter to Mr. Hawthorne, etc.   

October 2004 - Angela Kneale enrolls for Graduate degree studies at Colorado Technical University online.

June 2004 - Miss Kneale is injured in a car accident one block from her work.  The driver who rear-ended her was employed at the Pennsylvania State Employment Office. Miss kneale was taken out of the vehicle on a Gurney. SHe was then given a radiological examination at Doylestown hospital.

May 2005 - Richard Colin Kneale is found shot dead at the Kneale family home in Quakertown, PA.  Despite Suspicious circumstances, police did not investigate or speak with Miss Kneale regarding the incident. Instead police threatened her verbally and physically after they arrived at the scene. And, in 2 years following the incident. 

2006-2007 - Miss Kneale is abducted, held in isolation, repeatedly assaulted, and battered and stalked by Township Engineering officials. Police respond to set Miss Kneale free. Police did not take a complete report of the incident that was several days.

    The abductors were men from a one day temporary work assignment through PSI of Doylestown, PA. Miss Kneale worked 8.5 hrs on March 20, 2006. 

December 2007 - Hospitalized after Sex Assault Incident in Ithaca, Ny. Experiences "psychotronic" Image to skull type attacks following the incident. 

2009 - Mililani, Hawaii  - 2 incidents random DEW/sonic attack 

2010 - Gangstalking & breakins begin. Mililani, Hawaii  Apartment also on US Military Drone flight path and nearby AMI testing. 

November 2011 - Attend APEC USA public meeting (shipping)

January 2012- Cyber issues increase drastically. 

March 2013 - Miss Angela Kneale is assaulted by intimate partner USN ET officer (Attempted strangulation) who was discharged from psych ward off deployment. Miss Kneale incurs several thousands of dollars in emergency hospital fees for radiological scans. Related issues arising from the incident include Honolulu County Court Judge ignoring (VAWA) Violence Against Women's Act request. Victim's Compensation takes time. Hawaii State chose to prosecute;- court date August 13, 2013.    Related incidents: April 8, 2012  others and TRO

October 2013 - May 2014 - Miss Angela Kneale is prompted by the US Army to file for a Restraining order on a DOE International Paramedic and combatives trainer. He was her intimate partner. Angela Kneale was woken up by US Army officials. They responded to a phone call from a housemate's family member. 

July -October 2014 - Incident reported to Human Rights Commission in Honolulu. Involving ATF/ Honolulu Police Department agent.  

October 2014- During visit to mainland, Charles A. Kneale pulls a 9mm on Angela Kneale. Angela Kneale calls 9-1-1. Officer Hohenwarter.

2015 - Gangstalking, handheld DEW attacks, cyber torture increases through September 2018 departure from Hawaii.

December 2018 - Charles Kneale and Yuko Kneale attacked Angela Kneale together. Charles kneale was holding a mini video recorder. Yuko Kneale yelled "you deserved to be raped" at Angela Kneale. Charles Kneale shouted "Yeah" with confirmation and other statements. Yuko Kneale threatened to punch Angela Kneale in the face. Charles Kneale seemed to be filming this up close. Angela Kneale was not aggressive nor did she defend herself at this time.   More verbal threats and attacks stemmed from Charles Kneale from December through March 2019. Charles Kneale and Yuko Kneale Repeated threats to kill Angela Kneale. Charles Kneale also seemed to have a gun client inquiring about using a piece of equipment for a drive by shooting in the residence garage.  

February 2019 - Yuko Kikuchi aka Yuko Kneale grabbed attacked Angela Kneale's right arm suddenly. She yelled " you deserve to die" and "you should die" after she attacked Angela.  Miss Kneale sustained torn ligaments to her right shoulder. Angela Kneale had been doing Einstillen near the piano and was calmly and quietly walking away. 

May 2019- Ithaca, NY Cayuga Heights Police pull over Angela Kneale two times immediately after she left work. The second officer pulled her over just before East Hill Plaza. He "joked" about having to shoot her because he doesn't know what she might do.  I took this seriously and was very upset by it. I texted a friend after this incident happened.

March 2020- June 2020 - Charles Kneale threatened Angela Kneale's life hundreds of times. He yelled non-stop for several minutes. This behavior was repeated whenever she made a sound or attempted a phone call. Charles Kneale made it clear he would kick in the door while she attempted to speak on the phone. Angela Kneale spoke with police, however police refuse any assistance to Angela Kneale. The police told Angela Kneale that it is a civil matter. Additionally, Yuko Kikuchi aka Yuko Kneale also participates in planning to murder Angela Kneale with Charles Kneale. This is a form of entertainment for Yuko and Charles Kneale. However, Charles Kneale threatens Yuko Kneale's life frequently. And, he attempts to implicate Angela Kneale in her demise. Additionally, both Yuko Kneale and Charles Kneale refer to a neighbor named Zach as their son. This man Zach is not my brother. He is also missing several front teeth and shoots his guns at the property.  Zach, a farmhand?, lives at the residence of the State Actor known as Lee Clymer across the street.

September 2019 - Charles Kneale attacked Angela Kneale at her vehicle. The vehicle was inspected and passed inspection that morning. Angela Kneale had online meetings. When Angela Kneale walked outside to her vehicle, she noticed a major fluid leak. While she was at ground level of the vehicle taking photos, Charles Kneale hurried over angrily and started shouting at Angela Kneale. He attempted to start a physical altercation. And he then shouted "Drive, Drive and DIE" repeatedly. Angela Kneale returned inside her room at the house. He attacked the door. Angela called 911 to speak with an officer. The officer said she had no proof that he damaged the vehicle. The officer did not take a report. 

October 2020 - I was aware I was being monitored in the morning by a female and a male. I went for a walk and about 15-20feet from the driveway, A Richlandtownship Police Department SUV drove by me as a threat. On my return from a 4 mile walk, I experienced the same behavior from Charles Kneale who nearly brushed by me with his minivan on the narrow two lane country road. 

I do not believe these are coincidences. I am aware that I am being monitored and interfered with each time I go online. There is a live monitor Radio/ Electromagnetic frequency that is very loud and audible to me. This different type of live monitoring began when I first arrived in Quakertown PA in 2018. I had different experiences of the live monitor in 2000-2004. This has been an ongoing harassment from the USPS, Fusion Center, Township Planning officials, Police, and other State Actors. Additionally, my cybertorture experiences began here in childhood. Charles Kneale, also a USAF OSI tech explained the desired end results of this electromagnetic and cyber torture to me as a child. It was his intention to groom me in terrorism or force me to be a thief as his life goals for me. Due to the intense nature of the Bucks County officials and USA State actors, I made elements of  the cybertorture and advanced technology used on me known. In November 2019, As a concierge and valet, I experienced attendees of the Annual Fusion Center Training in at Pentagon South in Alexandria, Virginia. During the time of their conference, I also experienced the live monitor coordinating an incident while threatning me.  


Friday, October 09, 2020

Summary: Hospitality Resume 2020





〄  774-318-9198

〄  Quakertown, PA 18951

〄  etadaki5@gmail.com


Reliable and diversified bar manager & concierge experienced with event planning and operations.

Strong multi-tasker with training in personal security, compassion, and situational awareness. Offers team leadership and top notch project execution. 


Global Training Center - Online: Supply Chain

Colorado Technical University - Online: Management Information Systems

Accelerated Coursework in Enterprise Database management & Telecommunications; I.T., GPA 3.5

The University of Montana - Missoula, MT: Extended Studies, National pilot program for environmental civic organizing;12cr Environmental Science: GPA 4.0

Ithaca College - Ithaca,NY:

Bachelor of Arts in Music (Piano)


Ithaca College Environmental Society- President 

Animal Rights Education Action League - Founder



  • 2020 Certified Life Coach

  • 2020 Pennsylvania RAMP Server certification - (before spring lockdown)

  • Blue Card 2017-2021 Honolulu Liquor Commission

  • Maintain immaculate displays and professional work appearance at all times.

  • Concierge & parking specialist for largest conference center & hotel in the DC Metro area

  • Maintained performance and safety through unexpected multiple emergency crisies.  
    ( Negotiated personal liability as employee during this time and resigned from position
    due to uncooperative & demanding hotel client & hotel staff )

    • Ie, Extreme simultaneous circumstances of a 4hrs segment consisting of 5 emergency calls;

    • 2 fires, 3 ambulances, 29th fl elevator incident with trapped persons,

    • hotel and conference center at capacity 3000+ persons, hotel check-in key app malfunction, with full 500 car parking garage, guests broke parking ticket gates, full valet lots, congested ramp, and guest issues with overflow parking & issued tickets while performing normal concierge, bussing, and parking cashier services. 

  • Provided excellence in customer support and satisfaction.

  • Communicate for effective team efficiency, productivity, & presentation.

  • Environmental awareness for safety and medical efforts.

  • Knowledge of cashier terminal to expedite customer departure. 

  • Input sales to POS terminal for shift & inventory tracking.

  • Facilitated alcohol sales with proper identification checks.

  • Executed opening and closing procedures as well as working double shifts.

  • Provide ongoing customer satisfaction throughout their visit or event.

  • Refresh bar stock and receive delivery for opening shift.

  • Promote new and early happy hours for bar.

  • Maintain hydration for guests and DD's not drinking alcohol.

  • Keep track of customer tabs.

  • Operate a Karaoke machine and maintain customer satisfaction.

  • Communicate with security for environmental awareness and safety.

  • Uphold operating standards and coworkers reputation with customers. 

  • Created work schedules to maximize company and worker profitability.

  • Upheld shift requirements for slow days.

  • Created a fun and respectful environment for customer satisfaction.

  • Leveled up service based on customer demands.

  • Maximized sales on slow days and during special events. 

  • Participated in club marketing during organized employee outings. 

  • Performed live for promotional burlesque, Vegas, and sideshow events to boost sales.

  • Knowledgeable concierge with insight to the tourist areas.

  • Sell photos and tickets for local tour companies.

Implants & Targeting - Lockheed & Japanese

Part of my history in Hawaii;- The Cyber ops to my phone was ongoing. I attemted dating using an App. 2017. The targeting has made me feel trapped, like a rat in a maze in some sense. So I do not attempt to continue relationships. I made a list of what my desired traits are in a partner, it's not just about money. And, especially since the friendliness and good behavior drops off by month 2 or 3, and (sometimes- not always) results in violence against me from the military. I could not afford any more life threatning altercations stemming from US Military at this time.  

So, anyway, this person I met was an Lockheed F-35 avionics engineer at the time We went to see the movie, Alien Covenant. And, like many connected to USAf has a mark on his head (see outer temple) that is very similar in size to my "birthmark" on top of my forward right skull just behind my hair line. 

as 6 years old.