Sunday, September 13, 2020

Spiritual notes

By Angela M. "Kikuchi" Kneale

I want my sound to resonate with everyone, every living being on this plant. To bring everyone together in totality.

My soul wants to rest from this battle. To find a place where, I am full of Joy about my existence and in awe of the Universe, captivated and in love. 

Millions of Humans are shut off from the wonders of our existence. I used to blame myself for not bieng able to affect them positively. Their spirits entagled with the quagmire of toxic effects. My heart needs repair after such interactions. And yet, I realize this path that I have discovered for my sould to walk exists for me to experience.

One day, I was at a beach. I saw a baby whale near the shore. Not moving;- I thought to myself how I would save it. Yet the whale was still far off. All I could do was ask God to help. Later that day on the news, the baby whale received help from divers nearby. He was tangled in a net. Today, I realized, I could not have freed the shale;- I carry no knife to cut the netting, I carry no weapons.

07/21/2020 PM - Music

Music is that place (arena) of the soul, where one beats their angel wings of pride orver another. The beauty of it meant to inspire and uplift the soul as it captures the childre, the sick, the sad. The tones of a perfect ideal life are recognized. Yet is that really so? And who are you to pass such judgement when life, other lives full of suffering strive for relief and acceptance among angels? Even taking on more suffering for those moments in minutes and seconds of angelic splendor. Are you, that angelic voice so full of perfection the rest of your life? Or are you giving way to demonic and evil societal practice/ To revert to the adoption of Nazi judgement over "Derelict music and art + it is to bring about more suffering of the most vile kind.

07/21/2020 - water

My water, this blessed water ~ I vegan by meditating and praying for several days. It is blessed without extra wordds and with the electrical lightning storm and thunder for sever minutes. The glass containers were exposed on the ground. The lightning filled the air so my hair stood on end. Some may ask me why. It is lightning and thundering as I write.


Containers blessed by an electrical storm. On the Pink Full Moon at the property by the Witching Hour. I prayed for the blessing and did not utter many words. I asked the Master Healers for Assistance.

08/2020 - Emotion

Fear, Fear can be genuine or invoked. The latter is to create a frequency wall or bubble to protect one from others invasive nature. 

Others typically invoke fear in the usual threatning manners. And, as usual, only the chemically imbalanced or the criminally supported generally carry out their threats. 

08/14/2020- Thoughts about developing my life coaching into a profitable business. What I would ask people in general 1st time, like a questionnaire for ethical living.

It's difficult to be subordinate to someone else because I don't respect them- due to the fact that they don't respect me.

I'm tired of gettng slammed (emotionally) by others when I turn on the positive. It's like they feel the positivity makes them look bad and they end it. 

I want to make my business happen, but the environment is nor safe and I can get by easily without my dream.

Staying focused on what works zaps my good energy. I want to focus on steering my life in the direction or lifestyle I want.

I worry about what others think of me. I've never done something without someone noticing.

I'm in a different mindset than those around me. We have a few things in common that we get through successfully together. But we don't want to break what works. So this is as far as it goes.

Somedays I wonder where I'd be if I did those little things each day. Wondering has become its own obstacle.

I fovus on what's easy. I wait till someting comes my way. I've been successful this way.

I wake up everyday wondering what I'll have at the end of it. I don't get to save. There are just too many things that come up. I have to be in the now.

Life Course - A few things and a way to be.

      Little everyday things I want to do make me feel ssilly!

     My friends aren't mature enough to handle spirituality.

     My friends aren't mature enough to handle spirituality.

                   Concrete spirituality - Bible Cross Amulet Buddha and symbols;- I don't feel I have a ton of time to learn about gemstones and all that stuff.

     I need to re network my life. Nor sure who or what to trust.

     Christians attack my exploration.

It is your responsibility to select your future. 

Asking for Divine light and receiving helps to unveil one's heart shrouded in a cloack from early life.

8/15 - Today

I realize my life work is not so I could help others. Yet is is to heal from wrongs done unto my soul. Loving myself is where I am.

Not to dwell on past is to take focus from the Future and present course. 

Repeat of the old = suffering -- Let go of everything to be reborn.

He didn't care about me enough to let go.

08/16/2020 - looks

I'm a bit too rough looking, Imperfect to others. It hurts my Feelings.

Not to ruin my life for someone else's agenda.

Thanks for the inspiration. Hear my heart my soul cry, Asking God to save me. Cradle this hurt. Repair it like a broken bridge. Soul Cords, Life School building a bridge back to God. 

Like notes with broken wings, crashing and decay.

I'm not trying to make money. I'm putting something together my soul feels comfortable in.

08/17/2020 - Hapa

Asked God to judge me, due to the Bible written by man. Declaring humans like me an abomination of sin.

I saw white light with a sun/eye in center at my forehead. And a gemstone when I looked down ~ a dark opal with gold petals or wings around it. It represents our hearts. Bright and filled with darkness. I thought like the stars are angels and the dark energies the night sky. The light passes through the darkness. Soul fragments intertwined in the demons hand. I asked God and thanked for my life. And I asked for a death that is peaceful nonviolent and joyous. 

I want to be a powerful Supernatural, Supranational, Beautiful Respected Being. Without the Obstacles of Humanity.


The empty spaces, where noone has asked me a question or held my hand. They fill in the empty spaces with lies and hate. It looks like a simple relationship. However, I am bewildered in my reserved demeanor. And to challenge every instance of this persecution is to waste the energy I need to live. So I sit and I wait. I wish pray and hope. And when light shines through my heart is filled with joy. 

If you  saw torture, true torture everyday...for decades;- What would you do to pritect your own?

Killing things ~ You don't and can't kill "Things." Only Life can be killed or taken. To use the word "things" is to disassociate life.


Something changes this in a soldiers heart, the warrior heart. The challenge of the spirit shuts the heart off from the turvulence. Yet for the Warrior to keep the heart alive and live through with an open heart is rare. Each day, opening the heart more and more. 

Killing is not amusement, entertainment. It is War upon the Human Condition.

08/25/2020 - Suicide:

It seems easy to exit this world as a solution to our human construct problems. We long to be free of borders. So why not pray more and hand our Burdens to God or the Master healers more oftern?Is there shame in this practice? After all, isn't this the goal of suicide? To be free of our burdens? To exit from the world due to social disgrace, povery and misfortune? Health issues as well. The evils of society become lodged in the hearts of the cruel and wicked. And you my friend; your heart has also become worn on the cruel and wicked path. You may not realize it. Being that you work so hard each day. Making claims to your entitlement and prowess to navigate this early realm. Yet that human game you are playin, the one where a cruel and wicked heart lies devoid of all compassion was not the intention for humankind's existence an contract with GOD. Compassion was not meant to be an instance to access those whose hearts are shielded by evil societal pactice and movked for connecting to GOd. No, You shoult "Look, I'm being compassionate for that small instance ~ say 15 min of your year. And you use everyone to publicise it! While the construct and context of that action still remains imbeded in the wickedness of this Military Industry ~ the industry of killing.   When you resonate compassion in that context, others despise the example. They despise it because their souls are weary. It is not despised because they hate compassion. It is despised because of the wicked and cruel path you place it on. 

{Like the Bible story of the good samaritan Yet you made the path the good samaritan is walking too unfriendly too cruel & devoid of GOD and compassion. For those to faithfully expect God to rescue them miraculously to heavenly bliss and an escape from the path and game you made out of the lives in this society. You put on our souls the game you want to play. The game of cruelty and faith salvation.

Yet the baseline of all life is this:  There is air, water, nourishment, sunlight, earth for physical comfort. We are all entitled to this. And we need to realize the value and quality of this place. Earth and now now that humankind has 5g and microwaves, Radio frequency that affects the mind;- Everyone who is able realizes the great impact of our basic interactions. Our thoughts because they are frequency. 

[BCI CHIP RF to the Mind} Do you want to be connected to God? This way? Some Scientist who is made in God's image like you or me to take a look around. This is the Salvation Theory if you think you will be free. It is a simple formula. To 1st pose something so horrific and impossible to overcome. Then to offer a solution.  It is the security guard who lets the criminal in only to perform their job by creating the play the incident. 

08/29.2020 2;44PMEST

"Trust and Believe in God" - Bruno Groening. I understand this is one thing, a starting point on which to Focus. Anything else is like making a mistake. THe Composition is of God's creation. THat is the Focus. My life's focus. This is practice that I must master.